Zine Library

Send your zine and help create a catalog of titles and contents, creators and publishers and distros! Get in contact with the Librarian and let's talk! Also, follow along with the zine tag on the blog, and whenever things come in the mail I post a picture over on the library's Instagram.

Are you the publisher of or contributor to an occult zine or journal able to give me permissions to digitally preserve and present your zine or article? Do you have a collection of issues from an occult zine or archive of ephemera you would be willing to donate for physical preservation? Consider gandering at The Serapeion Project: Occult ’Zine, Journal and Ephemera Preservation and getting in contact to talk with me.

Do you have issues or a full collection of occult zines or journals you would like to donate to the library for preservation and cataloging? Without permissions from the copyright holders, I'm not able to present the contents, but I can help record and preserve these items for posterity. I'll also try to reach out to the copyright holders, if I can find them; but, either way, I'll present what I can for people to find and can help with references to the material for people that want to know more.

If you're doing an occult or esoteric or adjacent zine, or running a distro for them, get in touch and let's talk about adding a link to you in the Serapeion as a, currently speculative, directory where people can discover where to find out more about you.