Zine Distro

Let's distribute and trade zines! Get in contact with the Librarian and let's talk! Also, follow along with the zine tag on the blog, and whenever things come in the mail I post a picture over on the library's Instagram.

Just like the old days, I'm offering to be a zine distro where you can mail zines with a self-addressed stamped envelope and I'll mail you back an equal quantity of other people's stuff. And share with others, and so on, and so on!

Like a virtual zinefest table marked “leave one / take one”, if you send me your zine, I'll send you something back.

If you offer bulk or wholesale prices on your own zine, get in touch with me and I may have budget to purchase a stack from you.

If you're doing an occult or esoteric or adjacent zine, or running a distro for them, get in touch and let's talk about adding a link to you in the Serapeion as a, currently speculative, directory where people can discover where to find out more about you.