ΘΕΛΗΜΑ Thelema

ΘΕΛΗΜΑ Thelema

There are so many documents on the site related to the Thelema of Aleister Crowley that it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Here are a few first steps:


There are also a number of primers on this site:


Even for those familiar with occult studies but who have not read Crowley before, these first steps are still a good basis for study, as a primer. But, for the student that wants to start a little bit further in, or for the beginner looking for next steps, if you have not yet engaged in reading or study of The Book of the Law also], you cannot go wrong reading and engaging that as it is central. (Consider reading it aloud, especially if you and a magical partner read it to each other.)

From there, you should follow what interests you. If you want more technical information about Thelema, you might proceed to the technical libri individually, perhaps starting with those in Class A, The Holy Books of Thelema. If you want to study the system of magick taught by Aleister Crowley, you could head directly to Magick in Theory and Practice or Magick without Tears. If you are interested in more narrative and historical information, you might head over to the Confessions of Aleister Crowley or The Temple of Solomon the King.

There’s so very much more to explore of interest at the Libri of Aleister Crowley, you should find something that grabs your interest and just keep following your enthusiasm!


The primary document of Thelema, and the New Aeon, is The Book of the Law, Liber AL vel Legis sub figurâ CCXX.

You can read that document and more in Liber Legis - The Book of the Law where you will find the complete text and manuscript of Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law, including the commentaries by Aleister Crowley.

Read about the reception of the Book of the Law
Genesis Libri AL in The Equinox of the Gods
The Master Therion, a biographical note
The Confessions of Aleister Crowley beginning in Chapter 49
The Temple of Solomon the King Part VI

Read further elaboration on the Book of the Law
Liber II - The Message of Master Therion
Liber CL - De Lege Libellum
Liber DCCCXXXVII - The Law of Liberty
Liber LXXVII - Liber OZ

And, Liber Aleph is an extended and elaborate commentary on “The Book of the Law”, in the form of a letter from the Master Therion to the son of mankind. Contains some of the deepest secrets of Initiation, with a clear solution of many cosmic and ethical problems.

Read the surprising story about the recovery of the missing original manuscript pages of Liber AL
Raiders of the Lost Basement

And there is much more available at The Libri of Aleister Crowley


After taking your first step, you can then begin to dive in to the wealth of materials available on the site. One of the primary resources are Aleister Crowley's writings for his New Aeon fraternal and magical orders, the Libri of Thelema.

Read about the course of study which includes these documents
A Syllabus of the Official Instructions of A∴ A∴ Hitherto Published
Curriculum of A∴ A∴ in Appendix I of ABA

The publications of Thelema are divided into various classes.

Study further the system in which these documents participate in
Magick Without Tears
Magick in Theory and Practice

And there is much more available at The Libri of Aleister Crowley