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a sign of the times, i was excited that sucha podcast was being aired. i liked being able to advertise your site on my profile, because i thought it suggested Thelema being take seriously.

but i’m writing you because what i’ve best experienced is the results of your podcast. at least the ones i get to see from my end.

my direct interaction w/ practicing thelemites and the OTO began roughly 10 years ago. Obviously the net has spread the word and brought like minded folks together. People have the ability to merely wikipedia magickal formula, and they can easily recognize their favorite symbols where ever they find them.

What they can’t easily google is the modern history and Opera that has been modern magickal practice. But your listeners get more than just a taste of that!

As an independent female, my experiences with the occult tend to look like the misadventures of a curious scarlet woman. But what you guys are discussing and highlighting has helped others get an important perspective. And i’m sorry i couldn’t think of a simpler way to say so… i just really needed to put a lot of weight on this!

imagine that, occultists shedding a light on things!

so to sum up… thanks for doing what you do. Every time a young magician mentions your podcast to me, I realize it’s not something to take for granted. They’re learning the stuff that I knew they needed to… and they don’t have to hear it from me. They get to hear it from sources they can Really relate to.

again, great work… as if you didn’t know!


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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

One of the advantages of using the new blog software for the podcast site is I can post and tag listener mail. In the future, I plan on putting a variety of mail message I have received for comment. Please note that I will remove any identifying information and reserve to edit (i.e. shorten) emails when appropriate or necessary. I hope you enjoy this expanded ability of the Thelema Coast to Coast website.

Love is the law, love under will.

John L. Crow


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Hello everyone. I hope all the podcast listeners are doing well. As for myself, I have begun settling down and adjusting to my new home, Amsterdam. So far the city is great, the Dutch people are extremely kind, and all the international students are very nice. The upside to this is that I am relatively established and can now start working on the next podcast! However, there is a significant amount of lead time necessary to create a podcast. What most people did not know if when I released a podcast I was already working on the next one or two; either having already recorded interviews, working out logistics, etc. So I am starting from scratch on this new one and therefore it will take a little time to line things up. I hope to have podcast #43 released by the end of the month. If anyone has suggestions, comments, etc., please feel free to reply here or email [email protected]. Thanks for everyone's support and patience while I have been involved with my transition.

Love is the law, love under will.

John L. Crow