On this podcast:

  • Opening music: Invocation of the Barbarous Names by Phosphoros
  • Opening remarks Thanks to The Wicked Podcast for interviewing me about Thelema Thanks to everyone who has sent postcards so far!
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    Thelema Coast to Coast

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  • A talk with Sondra Rogers about her 5 minute short film called The Law: A Day in the Life of a Thelemite
  • Talk with Keith418 regarding social class within the Thelemic community.
  • Talk with Cindy Weinstein about Babalon and the unified feminine
  • Closing remarks New Thelema Coast to Coast voice mail: (206) 20-AGAPE or (206) 202-4273
  • Closing music: Hymn to Pan by Unto Ashes

Total Running Time: 1:03:28
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On this podcast:

Total Running Time: 1:06:37
File Size: 30.4MB

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