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On this podcast:

  • Welcome to the first podcast of Thelema Coast to Coast
  • A conversation with Keith418 about the current state of the Thelemic community. We examine standards or the lack there of, and the tendency to be about personality and not the larger principles.

    Dissertation mentioned by Keith418:

    Title: A Study of Two “Deviant” Religious Groups: The Assemblies of God and the Ordo Templi Orientis

    Author: Claudia Kowalczyk

    School: New York University

    Year: 1994

    Call UMI Dissertation Services at 800-521-0600 to order.

  • Chris Rock’s DVD mentioned, Bring the Pain, can be purchased here.
  • Part 1 of an interview with Bishop T Allen Greenfield about Thelema, scientific illuminism and the future of Thelema.
    • See Greenfield’s Blog or his Website
    • His new new book, The Roots of Magick 1700-2000: An Anthology, direct or on Amazon
  • Closing comments
  • Music: Scarlet Woman by Chakra

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