Meditation on the Spheres

  1. Perform the LBRP, and then, starting in the East, perform an invoking pentagram at each quarter, and intone the appropriate name:, ie,. East-YHVH, South - Adonai, West - Ehieh, North - AGLA.
  2. Perform the Middle Pillar, OR, the Lighting Flash, OR imagine the light coming from Kether and filling your heart for a minute or two. Ask for the guidance of your Holy Guardian Angel, or Inner Master. If you like, you may Invoke the Archangel Sandalphon, or use the Name, ABRACHADABRA, or IAO, as suitable substitutes until the Name of your inner self is revealed.
  3. Starting with Kether and working to Malkuth, work one sphere per month. If you would like a quicker descent of the Tree, go at the rate of one sphere a week, but no faster. The advantage of one per month is that you get the benefit of the lunar cycles in your meditations. Slower is better.
  4. Pick your symbol for meditation. Intone the four Divine Names, going from Divine to Mundane. Hold the image before you for the duration of your meditation. For the fourth week, intone the names from the Mundane to the Divine immediately after the first intonation.
  5. Write down your results in your note book.

Also: after you have descended the tree you may pick any sphere to work on in the same manner. You may also add the various colors of the four worlds. Most work with Briactic or Queens colors for background, and the symbol in the complimentary color.

The more you work, and less you read, the more you will get out of magic.

This information can be found in the article on the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram.