Study Group Syllabus - Year One

Suggested Reading:

A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism by Gareth Knight
or Paths of Wisdom by John Michael Greer (theory)


Circles of Power by John Michael Greer (techniques)


Week One - Introduction to the Tree of Life, Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, How to Meditate, Power of Prayer and its Technique

Week Two - Will, Thinking, Feeling, Imagination, and Intuition; Lucid Dreaming (Exercise: Sphere of Light)

Week Three - Kether: The Crown of God, and the Point of No Return

Week Four - The Three Paths of Hermeticism -Magic, Mysticism, Occultism, and the Grand Synthesis: Theurgy (Exercise: The Fiery Spear)

Week Five -Hockmah: YHVH, the Cosmic Father

Week Six - Cosmic Hierarchy: Archangels, Angels, Elementals, and Demons of the Abyss (and us, somewhere in between). (Exercise: The Serpent of Fire)

Week Seven - Binah: Cosmic Mother

Week Eight - Memory, Silence, and Sound (Exercise: The Inner Light)

Week Nine - Chesed: The Love and Will of God (the Hidden YHVH)

Week Ten - Sepher Yetzirah and the Symbolic Meaning of Hebrew (Exercise: The Inner Grail/Stone/ Master)

Week Eleven - Geburah: Mars, the Strong Arm of God

Week Twelve - Sepher Yetzirah and Hebrew, Continued (Exercise: Sea of Light)

Week Thirteen - Tiphareth: Powers of the Sol, and the Invoking Pentagram

Week Fourteen - Middle Pillar Exercise, basic (Exercise: The Communion Table)

Week Fifteen - Netzach: Venus and the Fires of Love

Week Sixteen - Middle Pillar, part two (Exercise: Upper Room)

Week Seventeen - Hod: Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

Week Eighteen - Middle Pillar, part three (Exercise: Inner Communion)

Week Nineteen - Yesod: The Moon in Psychology and Esotericism

Week Twenty - Pathworking, Guided visualization, Ritual and Initation. (Exercise: Winding Stair) Follow-up to Lucid Dreaming: Hebrew and other things

 Week Twenty One - Malkooth/Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit: The Kingdom of God Incarnate

Week Twenty Two - Open Class (Exercise: The Dark Cloud)

Week Twenty Three - Open Class

Week Twenty Four - Open Class


Additional Suggested Reading:

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, First Steps in Ritual

W.E. Butler, Lords of Light

Apprenticed to Magic

How to…” (series on psychic development)

Gareth Knight, Experience of the Inner Worlds

Magic in the Western Mind

Chic and Sandra Cicero, The Golden Dawn Journal, Book II, Qabala

Joseph Weed, [[amazon>0139615326|Wisdom of the Mystic Masters