The Serapeion Project at The Hermeneuticon is a collaborative index of occult 'zines and ephemera collections. This index is part of The Serapeion Project: Occult 'Zine and Ephemera Preservation, a featured initiative of The Hermetic Library. The Hermetic Library is actively seeking to preserve and make accessible archives of occult ’zines and other ephemera as cultural artifacts of the living Western Esoteric Tradition.

Do you know of an occult 'zine or ephemera collection, online or not? Log in to the Hermeneuticon wiki and add it to the index!

All articles names must begin with Serapeion: in order to be created within the namespace dedicated to this project. For example, an article for Caduceus: The Hermetic Quarterly will be at Caduceus: The Hermetic Quarterly and a list of issues will be at List of Caduceus issues.

This namespace is intended as an index to materials that are known to exist, to help coordinate preservation efforts among various archives, and to raise awareness of what preservation projects are being worked on or need help. The namespace is not for the preservation of the materials themselves, but rather for an index to them. (If you need any help with presenting the actual materials online, contact the librarian.)

As part of this work, the Serapeion namespace on the Hermeneuticon wiki is to help track what the community knows about occult 'zines. For any 'zine or journal, whether still publishing or not, a record can be made of bibliographic data and historical notes about the publication in a main entry. Then in separate entries for each issue of the publication, specific tables of contents can be listed, with links to wherever those may exist online in an authorized form.

For other ephemera, a main record can be created for each collection and then separate records can be made of each of the materials in that collection.

Of course, for any 'zine or ephemera not currently online, The Hermetic Library would like to help make that happen as part of the project. But, this is also a way for the wider community of students and researchers to find what exists already being preserved, and to help coordinate the preservation of materials not yet online.

Please do contact the librarian at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

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