Paschal Beverly Randolph

  • Pre-Adamite Man — Extraordinary and Exciting Work, Dedicated (by Permission) to PRESIDENT LINCOLN. Demonstrating Human Existence 100,000 years ago, and that Adam was not the First Man. Second Edition. Now ready. “When the gude Laird was making Adam, even then the clan Grant was as thick and numerous as the heather on yon hills!”—Bailie Grant. “I need not ask if that hand, when armed, Has any Roman soldier mauled or knuckled; For thou wert dead, and buried, and embalmed, Ere Romulus or Remus had been suckled. Antiquity appears to have begun Long after thy primeval race was run.”—Address to a Mummy, Horace Smith. Cloth #1.25, 8vp. 400 pages, usual Discount to the Trade. Sinclair Tousey, 121 Nassau street, New York. Opinions of the Press: “A remarkable book.”—Times. “We hail this shot from the Fort of Truth! … Shows that men built cities 35,000 years ago! … Extra valuable volume!”—Herald of Progress. “Great grasp of thought! … Proves Adam was not the first man, nor anything like it! … Engrossingly interesting … Soul-stirring and grand beyond description!”—Banner of Light. “The Author exhibits a profound reverence for the truths of Scripture, but a still profounder one for Truth herself. Dissent we may to some things, yet on the whole, we commend the work to the favorable attention particularly of the learned world—for the Author is himself a man of vast and varied learning.”—Advertiser. “The author had studied his subject most thoroghly; and arrives at conclusions that are absolutely startling.”—London Herald. “Possesses a fascination difficult to withstand.”
  • Dealings with the Dead — By P. B. Randolph. Being a Psychical Revelation of a Soul's Journey, from the dying hour onward. [The work is a great one in the clearness and scope of revelations, and as such has been honored with the highest encomiums of solid minds, and learned, in England, France, United States and elsewhere.] Price 75 cents; postage 18 cents. Address Banner of Light, Boston, Mass.
  • It Isn’t All Right — By “C.T.” (P. B. Randolph.) A rejoinder and critique on the Pseudo-Optimism of the day—especially that based on Dr. Childs of Boston, to whose Book it is an answer. This is one of the Author's best Pamphlets. Price 15 cents. Sold at the office of Banner of Light, Boston, Mass.
  • The Unveiling of Spiritism — Being a critique on Modern Spiritualism. The Non-Immortal Theory, and a view of the whole subject, from an independent point of view. By P. B. Randolph. Price 25 cents. For sale only at the Cornhill Publishing House, Utica, N. Y.
  • Human Love—A Physical Substance, in Health and in Disease. The Grand Secret. By Dr. P. B. Randolph. [ A new and startling theory, containing the gist of the larger work by the same Author, under the same title. A Pamphlet that no one capable of loving, or being loved, should be without a single day.] Price 25 cents, postage free. Address Cornhill Publishing House, Utica, N. Y.
  • The Golden Letter — For the guidance of those who are suffering from Sexual Debility, Exhaustion, Barrenness, Spermatorrhœa. Price 50 cents. [This work contains complete information for self-cure of all the above.] Address Cornhill Publishing House, Utica, N. Y.
  • The Rosicrucian's Story — By P. B. Randolph. [Pronounced by the Press, almost universally, to be “one of the strangest stories ever penned.” … “Abounding in deep thought, exquisite and quaint humor, melting pathos, sturdy blows on the head of Wrong.” … A right loyal defense of Marriage, Women, and the Family.“ … “An extraordinary work, whichever way one looks at it, and such as no one but this talented offshoot of Virginia's great Randolph-House could produce.” … “It is eminently worthy of his genius, and an honor to the literature of the day.” “No man who should read this book, his 'Dealings with the Dead;' his scorching Critique of Child's 'Whatever is, is Right;' or his still greater work on the Antiquity of the Human Species, would for a moment believe them all the product of a single brain—so diversified, so different in style, thought and conception, and yet all so excellent in their way are each.”] Paper covers, 25 cents. Published at the Cornhill Publishing House, Utica, N. Y. Sinclair Tousey, Wholesale Agent, 121 Nassau street, N. Y.
  • The Celebrated "Rodrey" Dream-Book — he translated, condensed, and adapted to Modern Usage. [This reprint of the largest and most perfect book of the kind in the world, in any language, has been enlarged till it now contains the enormous number of 3000 SOLUTIONS OF 3000 DREAMS! It is utterly impossible to have any sort of dream, the interpretations and meaning of which is not contained in this very curious book.] Price 25 cents. N.B.—There are no copies of this work to be had anywhere else by at the Cornhill Publishing House, Utica, N. Y., and Sinclair Tousey, Wholesale Agent, 121 Nassau street, N. Y.