Dealings with the Dead

Dealings with the Dead by the Rosicrucian (Paschal Beverly Randolph) at Hermetic Library

Dealings with the Dead;

The Human Soul,

Its Migrations and its Transmigrations.

Penned by the Rosicucian.
(Paschal Beverly Randolph)

“I have stolen the golden keys of the Egyptians; I will indulge my sacred fury.”—Kepler.

“What is there written is truth, therefore it cannot die.”—Poe.

“I have found it! This night have I read the Mystic Scroll. The Grand Secret of the Age stands revealed. It is Mine! Alone I delved for it, alone I have found it! Now let the world laugh! I am immortal!—P. B. Randolph.

Utica, N. Y.:

Published by M. J. Randolph.


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1861,
In the Clerk's office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Massachusetts.


To my far off and best beloved friend, by whose royal bounty I am enabled to bring this book before the world; and to all who feel and likewise think; and to all who have suffered on their way through this world as I have, this volume is dedicated by

The Son of Flora.



Part Second

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