A General Index for Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition

Compiled by Michael Osiris Snuffin (1996)

    In my humble opinion, the book Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Chic and Tabatha Cicero is one of the best magical resources a magician can possess. Yet at the same time, the damn thing doesn’t have an index, which really pissed me off. To solve the problem, I compiled my own index, which I have printed out, folded in half and stuck inside the book. Any errors or omissions are my own. Please feel free to print this index out and stash it in your own copy of SIGDT.


Basic Alchemy 136-147
Basic Alchemy–Alchemical Operations 272-275
Alchemy–The Tools of Practical Alchemy 546-549


The Zodiac 42-49
The Seven Ancient Planets 49-54
Basic Astrology–The Houses 130-136
Basic Astrology–The Aspects 251-254
Erecting a Natal Chart 254-269
Interpreting a Horoscope 269-271
Correspondences of Luna 285-289
Correspondences of Mercury 400-403
Correspondences of Venus 537-540
Astrology [Advanced Lecture] 655-658


The Elements 41-43
The Elementals 148-149
Correspondences of Earth 166-170
Correspondences of Air 280-285
Correspondences of Water 394-400
Correspondences of Fire 534-536
Correspondences of Spirit 662-663

G.D. Temple Info

Ritual Images and Diagrams [Zelator] 194-199
Admission Badges and Diagrams [Theoricus] 292-296
Admission Badges and Diagrams [Practicus] 366-371
Admission Badges and Diagrams [Philsophus] 549-556
Wands, Lamens and Admission Badges 663-669
Ritual Diagrams [Portal] 669-679


The 32nd Path of Tau 304-311
The 31st Path of Shin 444-451
The 30th Path of Resh 451-456
The 29th Path of Qoph 575-581
The 28th Path of Tzaddi 581-586
The 27th path of Peh 586-592


The Qabalah 54-58
The Sephiroth 59-70
The Hebrew Alphabet 71-77
Tetragrammaton and the Kerubim 149
Qabalah– The Four Worlds and the Ten Heavens 151-154
The Divine Names Attributed to the Sephiroth 155-166
Correspondences of Malkuth 194
Qabalah–The Parts of the Soul 278-280
Correspondences of Yesod 280
Literal Qabalah 389-393
Correspondences of Hod 394
Qabalah–The “Body” of the Divine 516-527
The Shem Ha-Mephoresh 528-533
Correspondences of Netzach 533-534
Qabalah–The Qlippoth 541-546

Miscellaneous Topics

Divination and Geomancy 170-194
The Tribes of Israel and the Zodiacal Signs 199-205
Spiritual Entities 276-277
Plants and Herbs 289-292
Lineal Figures and Magical Squares 371-389
The Olympic Planetary Spirits 404-406
The Tarot 407-438
The Greek Alphabet 556-558
Tarot Divination 558-563
The Tattwas of the Eastern School 563-572


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