Aleister Crowley: Prophetic Asshole

by Michael Osiris Snuffin (2002)

    Anyone who seriously studies the works and magick of Aleister Crowley eventually comes to a point where they have to separate the magical genius from the often wicked man. It is no secret that the herald and prophet of the New Aeon was also a misogynistic bastard who turned on most of his friends, smothered himself in drug addictions, and screwed almost anything that moved.  

    Yet in my contemplations on Crowley’s life, I have considered that there may have been a higher purpose for his negative behavior. The reason? To guarantee that he would always be remembered as a real human being, and to make sure that no one confuses the message with the man.  

    For purposes of comparison and contrast, let us look at the life of the prophet Jesus. Now some of you may object to the very idea of comparing Crowley with Christ; I do so only because Crowley himself believed that he was the latest in the line of great prophets and acted accordingly. Evidence of this can be found in many of his works, especially The Heart of the Master.  

    In any case, the account of the life of Christ in the New Testament is a complete whitewash, with hundreds of years of dubious religious politics completely obliterating anything negative that might have been written about him. The result? Jesus is a mythological figure and not a real human being. His message has been distorted and the prophet is worshipped as a god. The same can be said of many of the great prophets.  

    In comparison, Crowley lived his life in such a manner that there will never be any confusion between the message and the man. It remains to be seen if the message of the Master Therion takes hold and Thelema becomes the religion of the New Aeon, but whatever happens in the next 2000 years, we can be pretty damn sure that we’ll never be worshipping statues of Aleister Crowley.  

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