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Michael Osiris Snuffin

Michael Osiris Snuffin has studied and practiced various forms of occultism for almost twenty-five years, with particular interest in the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Chaos Magick and the Left-Hand Path. Michael is the author of three books: The Thoth Companion (Llewellyn Publications, 2007), an in-depth analysis of the symbolism in Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot; Introduction to Modern Satanism (Throned Eye Press, 2020), an overview of the 19th century artistic and political movement that recast Satan a heroic rebel in a struggle against oppression and justice; and The Complete Conjuring Spirits: A Manual of Modern Sorcery (Throned Eye Press, 2020).

Michael Osiris Snuffin has a BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Communications and Media from The Evergreen State College, and has earned a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington. He lives in Tacoma, Washington, where he works as a freelance non-fiction book editor and author.

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