Evocation Communication

By Michael Osiris Snuffin (2001)

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and this includes the evocation of spirits. Here are a few ideas and guidelines I have used to improve how the operators communicate during an evocation:

The Conjurer

The Conjurer is in charge of the operation, and is thus responsible for initiating any conversation. He always has a clear idea of what the purpose of the evocation is and directs the conversation accordingly.

Be polite and respectful in your dealings with the spirits. They will almost always respond in kind. Speak clearly. Listen.

Remember that you are speaking to the spirit, not to the Seer, and direct your attention accordingly.

Always take steps to verify the identity of the spirit before moving on to serious conversation. Make sure that you are talking to who you think that you’re talking to.

Seek to get as much information about the spirit as possible. This is especially important in Enochian evocations, where the duties and services of the spirits are not clearly defined.

Avoid unnecessary banter, but do attempt to follow up loose ends in conversation. For example, if a spirit cannot perform the service you requested, ask him why. Do they know who can accomplish this task?

The Seer

The Seer relays all information that she receives. This is primarily audio/visual information, but it may involve the other senses as well.

At the beginning of the evocation proper, describe the initial visual information before the Conjurer engages in serious conversation. This information includes the appearance of the spirit as well as the setting in which it appears.

Dialogue with the spirit is relayed in the first person. Additional information that may be confused with the dialogue is preceded with the term “Seer’s note.” For example: “Seer’s note: The spirit does not seem to understand what you are talking about.”

Keep the Conjurer informed at all times. It is the Conjurer’s responsibility to take care of any problems that may arise, but he can only do so if he knows what’s going on.

It is the Seer’s responsibility to make sure that the spirit departs when dismissed, that all traces of it are gone, and to inform the Conjurer of this fact before the circle is broken.

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