An Evocation Bibliography

An Evocation Bibliography:
Sources for Goetic, Archangelic, and Enochian Operations

Annotated by Michael Osiris Snuffin (2001)

Crowley, Aleister, Lon Milo DuQuette, & Christopher Hyatt. Enochian Sex Magick. New Falcon: 1997.

A good guide to Enochian Magick, its structure and practice. Suggests creating and coloring a set of Enochian Tablets in order to understand the method behind the madness.

Crowley, Aleister, ed. The Goetia: The Lesser Key of Solomon the King. S. L. Mathers, tr. Weiser: 1995.

The latest version of a classic. Essential for the practice of Goetic evocation. Includes an interesting and informative forward by Hymenaeus Beta.

DuQuette, Lon Milo. Angels, Demons and Gods of the New Millennium. Weiser: 1997.

Includes the essay “Demons Are Our Friends” concerning the practice of modern Goetic magick.

—My Life with the Spirits. Weiser: 1999.

Contains many examples of successful and unsuccessful evocations of Goetic and Enochian entities. Gives accounts of group workings and their results.

Tarot of Ceremonial Magick. Weiser: 1995.

In my opinion, this is the best resource for Enochian operations. Not only does Lon do an excellent job of making the Tablets intelligible and useful, he also has published one of the only versions of the Enochian Calls or Keys which has not been plagued with Golden Dawn style pronunciation and spelling. Much easier to read! This book also contains info on Goetic evocation, the LBRP and LBRH, and the Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia. It’s an evocation field manual in disguise!

Konstantinos. Summoning Spirits. Llewellyn: 1995.

Good reference. Provides excellent exercises for developing psychic senses. The only book that I have found that presents traditional sigils for Archangels of the Sephiroth. This is the book that got me started.

Kraig, Donald Michael. Modern Magick. Llewellyn: 1988.

Another good reference, especially for banishing or opening rituals and Goetic work.

Frater Osiris. Practical Goetic Magick. Unpublished: 2001.

Pardon me for tooting my own horn, but this is one of the best manuals on practical evocation, and if I didn’t believe it, I wouldn’t be trying to publish it. Includes the Goetic Yellow Pages and a working script for Liber Samekh.

Turner, Robert. Elizabethan Magic. Element Books: 1989.

There are many published records of Dee’s Enochian work, but this is the most accurate and accessible version I have been able to find.

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