Things I Don’t Believe Anymore now that I’m All Grown Up

by Michael Osiris Snuffin (2002)

1. God. There is no god but man. Period.

2. Ancestor Worship. My ancestors are dead. When people die, it is time to get on with this life and not worry about the dead. What happens after death does not concern me because I am still living.
I find it interesting how many people believe that the soul reincarnates into a different body after death yet at the same time believe that they can communicate with their ancestors from beyond the grave. Are they splitting souls?

3. Hell and Heaven. Crude constructs used by the Christians to control people through fear and reward. Hell is for bad Christians!

4. Karma. Aleister Crowley said it best:

“Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect. There is no proportion in its operations. Once an accident occurs it is impossible to say what may happen; and the Universe is a stupendous accident.”


“There is a sort of sense in which every impression that is made upon our minds is the resultant of all the forces of the past; no incident is so trifling that it has not in some way shaped one’s disposition. But there is none of this crude retribution about it. One may kill a hundred thousand lice in one brief hour at the foot of the Baltoro Glacier, as Frater P. once did. It would be stupid to suppose, as the Theosophist inclines to suppose, that this action involves one in the doom of being killed by a louse a hundred thousand times.”

Thanks for setting me straight, Uncle Al.

5. The Threefold Law. The idea that the magical energy you send out will come back to you three times over contradicts the law of cause and effect. However, if you truly believe in the Threefold Law, then your mind will validate your belief, which is why this law seems to hold for those who have subjugated themselves to this superstition.

6. Sacred Ground. Christians, Jews and Moslems would rather kill each other over holy dirt instead of recognizing and building on the sacred foundation within themselves. I don’t worship dirt. This includes the Kiblah of Thelema–I will not pray to a bed and breakfast in Boleskine!

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