Notes on the Construction of the Lotus Wand

By Michael Osiris Snuffin (1998)

This project was a spur of the moment operation that was started on 12/30/97. I had felt the urge to create something with my hands for the last few days, and at 10:00 that morning I felt inspired to build a Lotus Wand. I was working as the Shipping Overlord of a small prototyping and manufacturing plant, so I managed to pick up all the necessary materials during my morning supply run and assemble the wand at work.

The shaft is a 3/4” dowel, 36 inches long. The head of the wand is an “acorn top” of red cedar, normally used to decorate the tops of fence posts. I removed the screw and cut the bottom “rings” off, leaving a “cone” roughly tapered like a rose or a lotus. The two were joined by a 1/4” dowel that fit into holes drilled 1/2” deep into each piece, and secured with wood glue. Some wood putty was needed to fill the gap between the shaft and head of the wand.

I have found that the red cedar is too soft for my purposes. It dents at almost the slightest touch! I am hoping that I can find an “acorn top” in a harder wood. I must also remember to sand the dowel very well, preferably before it is attached to the head of the wand.

Painting is always the most time-consuming part of wand construction. I hope to use an airbrush in the future to apply the base color to the wand, as that is the most tedious part of the job.

The design of the head of the wand is modeled after the blue lotus, the most popular species found in Egyptian art.


3/4” Dowel 2.79

Acorn Top 3.49

Ultramarine Blue paint 3.49

1” Camel hair brush 2.51

Gesso 6.79

Total: $19.07 +tax

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