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The Complete Conjuring Spirits: A Manual of Modern Sorcery by Michael Osiris Snuffin

Improve your life with the art and science of sorcery! The product of a decade of personal research and experimentation, The Complete Conjuring Spirits contains everything you need to know to communicate with Archangelic, Goetic, and Enochian entities. This collection of evocation manuals and essays by ceremonial magician Michael Osiris Snuffin features:

  • An introductory essay discussing the mechanics of the spirit world and the nature of spiritual entities
  • A brief introduction to Archangelic evocation
  • Practical Goetic Magick, a New Aeon manual of Goetic evocation
  • A grimoire listing the names, descriptions, and sigils of the 72 spirits of the Goetia
  • The Goetic Yellow Pages, a demonic services directory
  • The Watchtower System, a de-Christianized revision of the Enochian system with atheistic, gender-neutral reinterpretations of the 19 Keys
  • A second grimoire listing the names and attributions of the entities of the Elemental Watchtowers
  • Transcriptions of actual evocations conducted by the author

The Complete Conjuring Spirits serves as a valuable guide to evoking and harnessing spiritual entities for material gain and spiritual development. Start your adventures in etheric exploration here!

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Introduction to Romantic Satanism by Michael Osiris Snuffin

Introduction to Romantic Satanism (Throned Eye Press, 2020)

The artistic and political movement known as Romantic Satanism challenged the traditional Christian concept of Satan as the source of all evil, recasting the Devil as a heroic rebel in a struggle against oppression and injustice. Works in the genre of Romantic Satanism were penned by some of the greatest authors of the 19th century, including Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron, George Sand, and Victor Hugo. However, the only literature available on Romantic Satanism, written by and for academics, is not very accessible to a general audience.

In Introduction to Romantic Satanism, Satanic historian Michael Osiris Snuffin presents a clear and concise overview of this fascinating subject, describing the historical events that changed people’s attitudes about Satan and exploring the literary origins of the genre in Milton’s Paradise Lost. Using five themes of Romantic Satanism, Snuffin examines sixteen Satanic works written by influential English and French authors, from William Blake’s Marriage of Heaven and Hell to Anatole France’s Revolt of the Angels. These authors created a new concept of Satan for the modern world, portraying him as a noble revolutionary fighting against religious tyranny. Introduction to Romantic Satanism reveals this modern Satan, a figure more relevant to 21st century Satanic activism than the archaic Devil of Christian mythology.

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Thoth Companion by Michael Osiris Snuffin

The Thoth Companion (Llewellyn, 2007)

The Thoth Companion explores the symbolism of the Thoth tarot through a comprehensive analysis of this mysterious deck. Using material from the Golden Dawn and Thelemic systems as the basis for analysis, this book shows how the symbols in each card define and shape the meaning of the card as a whole. In addition, it reveals the complex correspondences and elusive secrets that Crowley encoded within the Thoth tarot. Chapter One of this book examines the trumps of the deck in great detail. Chapter Two decodes the complicated symbolic framework of the court cards presented in the Golden Dawn's “Book T” and adopted by Crowley in the Thoth tarot. Chapter Three analyzes the symbolism of the suit cards of the Thoth tarot. Chapter Four gives instructions for tarot divination and includes exercises to help you learn the meanings of the cards and develop your intuition. Tables of pertinent symbol sets and correspondences are included in an appendix.

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