Be Careful What You Ask For...

Be Careful What You Ask For…
By Michael Osiris Snuffin (2008)

    In 2002, I created this record of my evocations and their results as part of an analysis of the effectiveness of my magical work. This timeline includes evocations of Archangelic, Goetic, and Enochian spirits, as well as work with Egyptian deities and other spiritual milestones of note. A few very personal evocations and some private details have been omitted.
    By the end of 1999, I had become very comfortable with the process of evocation, and I was interested in performing a number of experiments with different systems, rituals, and techniques to continue my evocation education. This desire to move forward, coupled with access to a number of excellent seers and working partners, resulted in over a year and a half of prolific evocation work which forms this record.

1/1 Ipos: Boldness. Done. Released 2/19.
      Furcas: Rhetoric. Done.
      Foras: Find lost statue phallus. Done.
      LAOAZRP [Luna of Water]: Develop astral sight. Done.
1/6 First Invocation of Khnum.
1/9 First performed Liber Samekh.
1/15 Fulfilled Second Degree obligation.
1/18 LAIDROM [Mars of Earth]: Motivation. Inconclusive.
1/23 Seere: $500 in two weeks. Failed. Re-charged 2/13.
1/24 Started writing PGM.
1/31 Furcas: Debate and argument. Inconclusive. Released 2/19.
      Michael: Help with PGM. Done. Communicating with T. Done.
2/7 Khnum: Help finding employment. Done.
2/12 Orobas: Take care of chiropractor bill. Failed. Rehabilitated on 4/12/01.
      Michael, Raphael: Stop energy drain, heal. Successful.
2/13 Seere: P. connection, Money. Failed. Re-charged 2/19.
      AHAOZPI [Venus of Air]: General exploration/conversation.
2/20 ADOEOET [Jupiter of Fire]: Help improve immune system. Inconclusive. Help absorbing nutrients into the blood. Inconclusive.
2/23 Seere punished. Charged to help me make rent. Done.
      Sitri: Get me laid within three weeks. Failed.
4/29 Put candle inscribed with OBSTACLES in Wicker Man for Beltane.
5/13 Purson: Money for dues and Third Degree initiation fees. Unable to complete task. Re-charged 7/3.
5/20 SOAIZNT [Mercury of Water]: General exploration/conversation.
5/27 Gabriel: Help developing my astral senses. Successful.
6/16 Haniel: Relationship. Unsuccessful.
      Auriel: Meaningful employment. Done. Self-sufficiency. Unresolved.
      Raphael: Help with stomach problems, balancing my energy. Successful.
6/30 ALNDUOD [Luna of Fire]: General exploration/conversation.
      Raphael: Help and advice about health issues.
7/3 Purson: Get me laid in two weeks. Failed. Released 7/24.
      Bune: $200 in two weeks. Failed. Released 7/24.
7/24 August Rent Spell. Successful.
8/1 Medical Payment Spell. Successful.
9/24 Rutag: Find p. by tomorrow. Failed.
10/27 Moved to Portland.
11/2 Raphael: Help and advice about health issues.
11/26 EHNB: General exploration/conversation.
12/7 Penny Ritual: “Help me to perpetuate and affirm the abundance in my life by helping me to find meaningful and lucrative employment.� Successful.
12/10 AAETPIO [Mars of Fire]: Make me bold and strong. Successful.
12/13 Sandalphon: Employment. Successful.
      XPCN: Help with digestion. Successful.
12/16 Initiated into Third Degree in OTO.
12/21 Osiris: Help with employment. Successful.

1/18 Employment Spell: To secure satisfying and profitable employment within one week. Successful.
1/21 Performed Deacon role in Gnostic Mass.
      OOPZ: General exploration/conversation.
2/12 Glasya-Labolas: Help locating people for the conjuring group. Successful.
3/5 Osiris: Help establishing O.’.O.’ [Golden Dawn group]. Unsuccessful.
      EHNB: Received information on working with Enochian spirits.
3/8 Habitation Relocation Spell. Successful.
3/12 YTPA: Balance the liquids in my body to combat dehydration. Inconclusive.
      Osiris: Help with emotional stability. Successful.
3/26 Gabriel: Help in strengthening Yesod center of MP. Successful.
3/26 Khnum: Help me with structuring the Golden Dawn project. Unsuccessful.
4/9 Zepar: Find me a lover. Successful.
4/12 Orobas: Help with call times at work. Successful.
4/16 Raphael: Help with self-confidence. Successful. Help with Watchtower Class. Successful.
      Michael: Kindle fires of self-confidence. Successful. Help publishing PGM. Unsuccessful.
4/27 Osiris: Help me make a place for magicians in the OTO. Unsuccessful.
4/30 Orobas: Help with call times at work. Successful. Rewarded with feast.
5/6 Glasya-Labolas: Help establishing a place for serious magicians in the OTO. Relieved of service before completion on 7/4.
5/17 Ipos: Protect me from xxx. Successful. Help “bringing about the change that you wish.� [Remove cord.] Successful.
      Iloxia: First encounter.
      Michael: Help interpreting Iloxia encounter.
5/23 Raphael: Help relaxing. Successful. Help stopping pot and cigarettes. Successful.
5/30 Amen Ever ritual.
6/2 Cord with xxx cut.
6/5 Osiris: Help heal psychic wound. Successful.
6/7 Gabriel: Help heal psychic wound. Successful.
6/9 Created sigil-candle to absorb negative energy directed at me.
6/18 Raphael: Advice on healing and magical work.
7/4 Orobas: Help with call times. Dignities and prelacies at work. Successful.
      Glasya-Labolas: Help with conjuring group. Successful.
      Ipos: Make me witty and bold. Inconclusive.
      Consecrated Triangle of Art.
7/8 HCOMA: Help retaining water and staying hydrated. Inconclusive.
      Raphael: Advice on Iloxia, healing.
7/16 Iloxia: Further investigation into spirit’s abilities.
      Michael: Advice about magical protection, Iloxia.
7/19 Auriel Working: Partial success.
7/23 Michael: Advice about evocation, Iloxia
7/31 Sent PGM off to Weiser. Manuscript rejected.
8/15 Orobas: Increase my wealth and my income, and put me in a high place of respect among my colleagues and friends. Partially successful.
      Started practicing New Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
8/16 Michael: Advice about Goetic seals.
9/3 Conjuring Group disbanded.
11/9 EHNB: Asked questions about Enochian system and roots of Watchtower system.

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