The Apotheotic Model of the Universe

By Michael Osiris Snuffin (2002)

After spending six years studying and working with other people’s magical systems, I decided in the Fall of 2002 to work out my own beliefs on how magick works based on my own experiences. The Apotheotic Model has been the guideline for many of my ritual revisions such as the NBRP.

1. There are two planes of existence that comprise the Universe: the Physical plane and the Etheric plane.
    a. The Physical plane consists of the world of matter, that which is perceived by the five senses. It is described as natural, solid and objective.
    b. The Etheric plane consists of the world of energy that is primarily invisible to the five senses. It is described as supernatural, fluid and subjective.
        i. The Etheric plane can be perceived through the use of gnostic trance or altered states of consciousness.
        ii. The energy of the Etheric plane is fluid and pliable enough to be shaped by the Subjective reality (mind) of each individual.

2. The Physical plane and the Etheric plane coexist. Therefore changes that occur on one plane will lead to changes on the other plane.
    a. Humans have two bodies: a Physical Body and an Etheric body, also known as the aura.
        i. Illness and disease are caused by a dysfunction or imbalance in one or both bodies. Healing one body often requires healing the other body.
    b. By subjectively shaping the Etheric plane, one can shape and manipulate the objective reality of the Physical plane.

3. Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur on the Physical plane through the manipulation of the Etheric plane in conformity with Will.
    a. A Magician is a person who is trained to sense, interact, and manipulate the Etheric plane to cause changes on the Physical plane.
        i. Not all people are magicians, for most of the population is ignorant of the existence of the Etheric plane and its true and intimate relationship to the Physical plane.
    b. Science is the primary expression of the left brain, while Art is the primary expression of the right brain. Magick employs the entire brain of the Magician.

4. The Ultimate goal of all Magick is Apotheosis, the manifestation of the Divine Self.
    a. In order to manifest his Divine self, the Magician must complete two tasks:
        i. He must purge himself of all elements that would limit or obscure his Divine Self, preparing a pure and balanced vessel for it to manifest within.
        ii. He must become the master of both the Physical and Etheric planes.

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