Memoria: The Esoteric Oral History Project

Memoria encourages everyone to help create a modern record of the many perspectives of and personalities in the Western esoteric tradition. An oral history is an opportunity to preserve not only knowledge but individual understanding and story. These histories can also be a way to develop stronger and closer relationships within the larger esoteric community through the development of a textured and complex shared history between interviewer and interviewee as well as between the members of the larger community.

Oral histories recognize complexity and capture events through the direct experience and personal perspectives of many actual witnesses and participants. An oral history is an opportunity to share and preserve important personal stories through open-ended interviews which allow individuals to express themselves in their own unique character.

Help preserve history before it is forgotten. Start an oral history project of your own.

As projects are created, information about them, whether hosted here or elsewhere, will be added.

There will be an Esoteric Oral History Project Interview Kit with suggested interview questions and topics, technical recommendations for equipment and software, a sample interview release form, and requirements and recommendations for inclusion in the Memoria collection hosted here.

Here are some resources on oral histories and ethnography in general that will be useful and interesting.