Phallic Worship

Phallic Worship

a Description of the Mysteries

of the

Sex Worship of the Ancients

with the History of

The Masculine Cross

an Account of

Primitive Symbolism, Hebrew Phallicism, Bacchic Festivals, Sexual Rites, and the Mysteries of the Ancient Faiths

Privately Printed

  • The Pole
  • Pillars
  • Loggin Stones, Etc.
  • Triads
  • The Cross
  • Yoni
  • Hebrew Phallicism
  • Earth Mother
  • Bacchanalia and Liberalia Festivals
  • Druid and Hebrew Faiths
  • Stonehenge a Temple of Bacchus
  • Buns and Religious Cakes
  • The Ark and Good Friday
  • Architectural Pillars Devised From the Lotus
  • Bells in Religious Worship
  • Hindu Phallicism
  • The Cross and Rosary
  • Beads
  • The Lotus
  • Meru
  • Lingam in the Temple of Elora
  • Venus-Urania.—The Mother Goddess
  • Liberality and Sameness of the World-Religions

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