Unicursal STAR SOUL Propaganda Poster from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information

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“All darkness dreams
The thing that is not, only seems.

That star upon the serpent's head
Is called the soul of man.

That light in shadows subtly shed
The glamour of life’s plan.

The sea whereon that lotus grows
Is thought's abyss of tears and woes.”

The Rite of Jupiter

“Some drunkards, doting on the dream,
Despair that it should die, mistake

Themselves for their own shadow-scheme.
One star can summon them to wake

To self; star-souls serene that gleam
On life’s calm lake.”

One Star In Sight

“Now is the Pillar established in the Void; now is Asi fulfilled of Asar; now is Hoor let down into the Animal Soul of Things like a fiery star that falleth upon the darkness of the earth.”
V 5 of Liber LXV, Liber Cordis Cincte Serpente sub figurâ אדני

MARSYAS: One ripple on the water mars
The magic mirror of the Stars.

OLYMPAS: My soul bends to the athletic stress
Of God's immortal loveliness. ”

Liber CCXLII, Aha!

“The Soul of Man flameth forth in Love unto the utmost Spaces of the Stars, and hath his joy of all of them.”
The Comment called D (The Djeridensis Working) on AL I,14

“No star can stray from its self-chosen course: for in the infinite soul of space all ways are endless, all-embracing: perfect.”
The Heart of the Master

“So dreams and days are wed,
And soul and body lie
Ambrosial in Love’s bed.
See, heaven with stars is spread —
So glad of life am I
If an angel came to call me I am sure I would not die.”

Wheat and Wine in Songs of the Spirit