Unicursal MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS Propaganda Poster from the Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information

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“Mind your own business! is the sole sufficient rule.”—Aleister Crowley, Chapter XV: Sex Morality

“Verily and Amen! Let not the Magician forget for a single second what is his one sole business. His uninitiated “self” (as he absurdly thinks it) is a mob of wild women, hysterical from uncomprehended and unstated animal instinct; they will tear Pentheus, the merely human king who presumes to repress them, into mere shreds of flesh; his own mother, Nature, the first to claw at his windpipe! None but Bacchus, the Holy Guardian Angel, hath grace to be God to this riot of maniacs; he alone can transform the disorderly rabble into a pageant of harmonious movements, tune their hyaena howls to the symphony of a paean, and their reasonless rage to self-controlled rapture.”—Aleister Crowley, Notes for an Astral Atlas

“It requires much more study and effort to Know Yourself, than it does to give others advice they do not need. Learn to mind your own business, and in time others will follow your example.”—Frater Achad, Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing, Chapter 7

“With all your new found free time you can mind your own business!”—John Bell, Aethyrs 31

“But while it can be said that we are at war with toxic beliefs, we have no enmity towards people who hold those beliefs–if they mind their own business. […] They can keep their opium and go about their dull business, as long as they don't impose their banality and passive cruelty on us and our friends. The flock of sheep may safely graze, as our flock of birds flies overhead.”—Sabazius, NOTOCON XI: 12 Aug 2017 e.v. -- Orlando, Florida

“My observation is this: stalkers, trolls and antagonists refuse to mind their own business and stop interfering with other people. Of course, they will say it is their Will to do what they do, but what they are really is a slave to their deep-seated emotional and psychological need for validation; and are not pursuing any kind of True Will, life purpose, of their own at all, but attempting to salve the sucking wounds they suffer from deep seated damaged desires at the expense of others, instead of seeking therapy or properly self-medicating themselves out of the way.”— John Bell, A preliminary initial Thelemic analysis of Stalkers, Trolls and Antagonists

“It is necessary that we stop, once for all, this ignorant meddling with other people's business. Each individual must be left free to follow his own path. America is peculiarly insane on these points. Her people are desperately anxious to make the Cingalese wear furs, and the Tibetans vote, and the whole world chew gum, utterly dense to the fact that most other nations, especially the French and British, regard 'American institutions' as the lowest savagery, and forgetful or ignorant of the circumstance that the original brand of American freedom – which really was Freedom – contained the precept to leave other people severely alone, and thus assured the possibility of expansion on his own lines to every man.”—Aleister Crowley, New Comment, The First Chapter, I, 31

“There would have been no Furies for Oedipus, no disaster for Othello, Romeo, Pericles of Tyre, Laon and Cythna, if it were only agreed to let sleeping dogs lie, and mind one's own business. In real life, we have seen in our own times Oscar Wilde, Sir Charles Dilke, Parnell, Canon Aitken and countless others, many of them engaged in first-rate work for the world, all wasted because the mob must make believe to be 'moral'.”— Aleister Crowley, New Comment, The First Chapter, I, 51

“The reader must not think that a 'Black Brother' is necessarily a 'mean' person. On the contrary, his intentions are usually of the best. He wants your happiness. But since his definition of your happiness is based on what he thinks you should be happy with, he may cause you much harm by trying to help you. A Magister, as a rule, will not try to help you at all. The Magister is selfish. He minds His own business, and no other.”—Motta, The Commentaries of AL, Chapter I, 4

“All the world loves a winner. Do your True Will, and nothing else. Thelemites are NOT, repeat NOT, to preach or convert. They are to mind their own business, which is enough to occupy the time of anyone.”—Motta, The Commentaries of AL, Chapter III, 11