Village FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF THE SUN Propaganda Poster from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information

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“Now, if you want to step back into the Old Aeon do so. But try and bear in mind that those around you are in reality Suns and Stars, not little shivering slaves. If you are not willing to be a King yourself, still recognize that they have a right to Kingship, even as you have, whenever you wish to accept it. And the moment you desire to do so, you have only to remember this—Look at things from the point of view of the Sun.”
Stepping Out of the Old Æon into the New by Frater Achad

“That is from the point of view of the magician, the Sun is the center, as it is in the Unicursal hexagram.”
On the Formulæ of the Unicursal Hexagram by David Richard Jones

“The moon is in itself a dark orb; but an appearance of light is communicated to it by the sun; and it is exactly in this way that successive incarnations create the appearance, just as the individual star, which every man is, remains itself, irrespective of whether earth perceives it or not.”
Chapter VII: The Formula of the Holy Grail: Of Abrahadabra: and of certain other Words in Magick in Theory and Practice

“If the Adept is to be any wise conscious of his Angel it must be that some part of his mind is prepared to realise the rapture, and to express it to itself in one way or another. This involves the perfection of that part, its freedom from prejudice and the limitations of rationality so-called. For instance: one could not receive the illumination as to the nature of life which the doctrine of evolution should shed, if one is passionately persuaded that humanity is essentially not animal, or convinced that causality is repugnant to reason. The Adept must be ready for the utter destruction of his point of view on any subject, and even that of his innate conception of the forms and laws of thought. Thus he may find that his Angel consider his ‘business’ or his ‘love’ to be absurd trifles; also that human ideas of ‘time’ are invalid, and human ‘laws’ of logic applicable only to the relations between illusions.”
Liber Samekh Theurgia Goetia Summa (Congressus Cum Daemone) sub figurâ DCCC