Village BEWARE OF ARTISTS Propaganda Poster from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information

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“Beware of Artists”—King Leopold I, probably

A quote often misattributed to Queen Victoria, but likely based on words by King Leopold I in a letter to her, revised by someone and first found online circa 2012. I first posted this as a Village Propaganda Poster in 2016.

The King of the Belgians to Queen Victoria.

St. Cloud, 10th October 1845.

My Dearest Victoria – All you say about our dear Albert, whom I love like my own child, is perfectly true. The attacks, however unjust, have but one advantage, that of showing the points the enemy thinks weakest and best calculated to hurt. This, being the case, Anson, without boring A. with daily accounts which in the end become very irksome, should pay attention to these very points, and contribute to avoid what may be turned to account by the enemy. To hope to escape censure and calumny is next to impossible, but whatever is considered by the enemy as a fit subject for attack is better modified or avoided. The dealings with artists, for instance, require great prudence; they are acquainted with all classes of society, and for that very reason dangerous; they are hardly ever satisfied, and when you have too much to do with them, you are sure to have des ennuis…

Your devoted Uncle, Leopold R.