Soliman ben Aissa

Soliman ben Aissa Soliman ben Aissa (The Sketch, Aug 30, 1883)

Szolimán Ben Aissa, a megsebezhetetlen fakír mutatványai
Szolimán Ben Aissa, a megsebezhetetlen fakír mutatványai (1892. szeptember 25.)

Soliman ben Aissa, fakir who had Carl Kellner as a student.

“Certainly, Kellner learned yoga from three teachers commonly identified with him—yogi Sri Agamya Paramahamsa (with whom Crowley was acquainted) and fakirs Soliman ben Aissa and Bheema Pratapa originally hailed from the Middle East and Far East and knew Kellner in Europe—but there is no evidence that any of them practiced sexual mysticism.”—Richard Kaczynski, Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley

“Most readers will doubtless enjoy the details supplied on the three Oriental sages who informed Order founder Carl Kellner’s inquiries: Bheema Sena Pratapa, Soliman ben Aissa, and Agamya Paramahamsa. The last of these was especially outrageous, in no way exaggerated by the unfriendly portrait painted in Crowley’s Equinox (“Half-hours with Famous Mahatmas”). I was surprised and intrigued to discover that the Moroccan Sufi Soliman was supposed to have been a hereditary sheikh of the Aissawa tariqa, the same school of initiation as that professed by Aleister Crowley’s Muslim instructor in Cairo in 1904.”—2018/05/26/forgotten-templars-3/


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