Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner AKA Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner

Austria/ Swiss / German 1861 – 1925


genius in so many fields, education, meditation, medicine, architecture etc; Freemason;Waldorf school; Goetheanum buildings; Eurythmy or “visible speech and visible song”; Esoteric Christianity; Neoplatonists; Rosicrucian; Creator of Masonic Rites;


Johann Wolfgang Goethe; Karl Julius Schröer; Joseph Kürschner; Felix Kogutzki;Annie Besant; Marie von Sivers, wife; Madame Blavatsky; Franz Brentano; Wilhelm Dilthey; Johann Gottlieb Fichte; John Yarker; Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim; C. G. Harrison, author of The Transcendental Universe, 1896; Johannes Trithemius aka Abbot Trithemius of Sponheim;


Emil Molt; Edouard Schure; Baroness Emmeline DeRenzis; Giovanni Colazza; Julius Evola; Serge Bramly; Emil Adrianyi AKA “Ardens Ascendo”; Alice Sprengel, 1871-1947; Elizabeth Douglas Shields ; Dr. G. Wachsmuth; Marna Pease ; Carl Alexander Mirbt; Bro. Paul Kenny, 2004; Wellesley Tudor Pole of Glastonbury Chalice Well, 1959, author of Preparing the Way for the New Age; Br. Tim Wallace-Murphy; Lee Morgan, 2016;Maksimilian Voloshin, Soviet poet;


Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, the philosopher's sister; Émile Zola; Hermann Hesse; Edith Maryo, sculptor; Marie Steiner-von Sivers; Dr. Ita Wegman; Dr. Christian Geyer; Dr. Friedrich Rittelmeyer; Dr. Albert Schweitzer;


Adolph Hitler; Jiddu Krishnamurti; Charles Leadbeater; Theodor Herzl, Zionist; Helmut Reinalter ;


Anthroposophical Society; Theosophical Society; School of Spiritual Science; Mystica Aeterna Lodge (of the Mysteria Mystica Aeternua); Masonic Rite of Memphis and Misraim ; The Christian Community(Church); inspired the rituals for the 'O.T.O. Orient Thuricensium';


Truth and Knowledge; Goethe's Conception of the World (1897); Die Philosophie der Freiheit (The Philosophy of Freedom or The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity; Friedrich Nietzsche, Fighter for Freedom.; four “Mystery Dramas” plays between 1909 and 1913, including “Die Pforte der Einweihung” AKA The Portal of Initiation 1910 and The Soul's Awakening; Compiled Lectures by Rudolf Steiner; Theosophy, 1910; Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment, 1947; Nine Lectures on Bees - Given in 1923 to the Workmen at the Goetheanum, published 1933 ; The Temple Legend: 20 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner; The fourth dimension - sacred geometry, alchemy, and mathematics : listeners' notes of lectures on higher-dimensional space and of questions and answers on mathematical topics; so many others…..

“Here's the Oriflamme snippet. For non-German readers, this refers to John Yarker, in his capacity as Grand Master for the Rite of Memphis and Misraim in England/Ireland, issuing Besant and Wedgwood patents as Master Masons. This is separate from O.T.O.”— and “The ambiguity around what is O.T.O. vs Memphis-Misraim, et al. is also why Rudolph Steiner is sometimes assumed to have been an O.T.O. member, when what Reuss actually did was give him a Rite of Misraim charter.”— referencing Oriflamme, Sept. 1912:23–24


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