Paschal Beverly Randolph

Greater Feast of Paschal Beverly Randolph, died July 29, 1875 at Toledo, Ohio in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Paschal Beverly Randolph, aka “The Rosicrucian”

American 1825 – 1875

One of the most important Occultists to work with Éliphas Lévi, and instruct Levi's students, Papus and Stanislas de Guaita; Sex magick; Scrying in mirrors and crystal gazing; Spiritualism; Rosicrucian; Spirit Mirrors; Mulatto opposed to Slavery; self proclaimed Medical Dr; for Women's rights; pre-Adamism; Freemason ; Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, SRIA ; The Ansairetic Mysteries; Eulis, “Affectional Alchemy”; The Brothers of Light vs. The Brothers of Shadow, part of The Great White Brotherhood mythology; Ceremonial Magician ; married a much younger wife, had a son, then was either killed or committed suicide; claimed titles were Supreme Grand Master of The Triplicate Order of Rosy Cross, Brotherhood of Eulis and The Ansairetic Priesthood of Moors; also Keeper of the Ansairetic Mysteries of the Hashimites Moors of Ancient Asia; there was certainly an element of Charlatan in some of his schemes, like weekly subscription “lucky numbers”, and to some extent his life (like that of Aleister Crowley) is an example of the advantages of keeping one's Spiritual Life separate from making one's income in the Material World. “Let Success be thy Proof”, as Uncle AL counsels in Magick In Theory and Practice, and he was including material success, should not lead to living on charity or suicide as “success”. In both cases, one must distill the Gold from the Dross of their teachings, refine the “Dead Head” into elixir, and experiment cautiously to extract the Wisdom from the Folly that lead to their later years of difficulties; Volantia, Posism, Decretism; May be that his Karaza aka karraza is a mispronunciation of the Hebrew technique of kavvanot aka kawwanah, as applied to Sex magick;

Inducted into the Order of the Lion in April 1999.


Hermes Trismegistus; Éliphas Lévi; Johannes Valentinus Andreae AKA Christian Rosenkreutz; the Nusa'iri of Syria/ Lebanon; Ramus the Egyptian Sritit; Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton; Ethan Allen Hitchcock; Hargrave Jenning; Antoine Silvestre de Sacy, on the Druzes; Edgar Allan Poe;


Frederick Hockley; Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Theodor Reuss; Aleister Crowley; R. Swinburne Clymer; Freeman B. Dowd; Marie Corelli; Max Theon; Peter Davidson; Thomas Burgoyne, though both Davidson and Burgoyne thought he succumbed to Black magic; Ernâni de Paula; Chuck Furnace; Joscelyn Godwin; John Patrick Deveney; Adiramled aka Delmar DeForest Bryant, author of The Art of Alchemy, or The Generation of Gold- A Course of Practical Lessons in Metallic Transmutation aka A Course Of Practical Lessons In Metallic Transmutation ; J C F Grumbine aka Jesse Charles Fremont Grumbine; Robert Fryar, author of “The History and Mystery of the Magic Crystal”; Thomas Moore Johnson; T. Allen Greenfield; Allan Odell; Gustav Meyrink, aka Gustave, 1922; John Deveney; Rene Guenon ; Keith Readdy, 2014; Maria de Naglowaska aka the Sophia of Montparnasse, 1883 - 1936,


Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie; Abraham Lincoln; Papus; Dr. Osiris Budha Randolph, son; Dr. Kate Courson Randolph, widow; Edmund Randolph, his likely father, George Washington's Attorney General or his brother William Beverly Randolph; Flora Clark, Mother, was a slave (later elevated to a Princess in his self-hagiography); Emma Hardinge Britten during the “Orphic Circle” days ;


Klu Klux Klan; H.P. Blavatsky;


Fraternitas Rosae Crucis; oldest Rosicrucian organization in the USA, dates back to the American Civil War ; Fraters Lucis AKA Brothers of the Light; Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor; influenced Golden Dawn and more especially the OTO AKA Ordo Templi Orientis; the Rose of Perfect Silence in Paris ; Supreme Hierarch of The Brotherhood of Eulis, 1846; 1st Temple of Rosicrucia in Boston, 1858; Grand Lodge of Eulis in CA, 1861; The “Rosicrucian Room” meetings; The Triplicate Oder, in San Francisco, 1861;


The Grand Secret 1860 ; Pre-Adamite Man 1863; The Rosicrucian Story 1863 ; Seership! The Magnetic Mirror 1868; Love and Its Hidden History 1869 also also, The Master Passion, or the Curtain Raised on Woman, Love and Marriage, Female Beauty, its Attainment, Culture and Retention, with Hints for the Increase of Woman's Power a Book for Woman, Man, Wives, Husbands and Lovers, for the Loved, the Unloved, and the Yearning Ones of the World; Love and the Master Passion 1870; Eulis!: The History of Love (with Clymer 1874);After Death: The Disembodiment Of Man - The World of Spirits, its Location, Extent, Appearance; the Route Thither; Inhabitants; Customs; Societies; Also Sex and its uses there, etc. etc., with much matter pertinent to the question of Human Immortality, 1872; Beyond The Veil: Posthumous Work Of Paschal Beverly Randolph; Translation & annotation of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus: His Divine Pymander; Seership: Soul Sight AKA Seership - Guide To Soul Sight ; Dealings With The Dead; The Human Soul, Its Migrations And Its Transmigrations; Soul World, The: The Home Of The Dead; Sexual Magic published 1988; see also The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor by Joscelyn Godwin, et al ; The New Mola, 1873; The Wonderful Story of Ravalette ; privately circulated “The Ansairetic Mystery - A New Revelation Concerning Sex”; “ The Mysteries of Eulis”, 1873;

Quotes - “Love is convertibly passion; enthusiasm; affection; heat; fire; soul God. Master that”; “The ejective moment, therefore, is the most divine and tremendously important one in the human career as an independent entity; for not only may we launch Genius, Power, Beauty, Deformity, Crime, Idiocy, Shame or Glory on the world’s great sea of Life, in the person of the children we may then produce, but we may plunge our own souls neck-deep in Hell’s horrid slime, or else mount the Azure as coequal associate Gods; for then the mystic Soul swings wide its Golden gates, opens its portals to the whole vast Universe and through them come trooping either Angels of Light or the Grizzly Presence from the dark corners of the Spaces. Therefore, human copulation is either ascentive and ennobling, or descensive and degrading…”;


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