Leo Martello

Leo Martello, Dr. Leo Louis Martello

American 1931 – 2000

Old Time Witchcraft before it became Wicca, still about the Devil (although as a Pagan God, not Christian anti-God); Civil Rights, Animal Rights, and Gay and Lesbian Rights issues; when Chuck Furnace spoke to him by phone in the 70s and 80s he was always very kind and patient with questions;


Maria Concetta; Gerald Gardner; Charles Leland; Harry Wedeck; Emile Grillot de Givry, author of Witchcraft, Magic & Alchemy


Raven Grimassi; Scott Cunningham; Margot Adler; Douglas Hill; Pat Williams; James Broughton of the Radical Faeries and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence;


taught the Strega Tradition from Sicily; founder of the Witches Anti-Defamation League (later the Alternative Religions Education Network); Witches' Liberation Movement and the Witches International Craft Association (WICA); American Graphological Society; Temple of Spiritual Guidance;


Black Magic, Satanism, Voodoo (1972); Hidden World of Hypnotism - How to Hypnotize (1969); How to prevent psychic blackmail: The philosophy of psychoselfism : sensible selfishness versus senseless self-sacrifice (1966) ; It's In The Cards : The Atomic-Age Approach to Card Reading Using Psychological & Parapsychological Principles (1964); It's in the Stars: A sensible approach to and a psychological evaluation of astrology in this “age of enlightenment.” (1966); Reading the Tarot: Understanding the Cards of Destiny; Understanding the Tarot (1972); Weird Ways of Witchcraft (1969); Witchcraft, The Old Religion (1973); Your Pen Personality (1961); ‘Witch Manifesto’,;


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