A Deacon is a role in various ritual systems, including those of Freemasonry and Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

“The duties attached to the office of a deacon are, 'to convey messages, to obey commands, and to assist at initiations, and in the general practice of the rites and ceremonies of the Order.' The jewel of their office is a dove, as an emblem of peace, and characteristic of their duties.”–George Oliver, A Dictionary of Symbolical Masonry

“The DEACON. He is clothed in white and yellow. He bears The Book of the Law.”—Liber XV, Eccliesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ Canon Missæ

“Within the Gnostic Mass, the Deacon plays a much more important and complicated role than is often understood. Moreover, very little is written about this office and it is hard to gain insight beyond the text of Liber XV.”—John Ash, A Guide to the Office of Deacon

“As the Ruach, the Deacon stands between Neschamah and Chiah; but also between Neschamah and Nephesh. The Deacon is both the “A” of IAO and the “V” of IHVH. Thus, the Deacon’s central position in the Gnostic Mass is both symbolic and practical. The Deacon is challenged to assist the Priest and Priestess in the fulfillment of their roles, and simultaneously to coordinate the activities of the congregation with those of the other officers. This central role gives the Deacon a unique perspective on the ceremony, a perspective which is not necessarily shared by the Priest or the Priestess.”—Sabazius, Foreword to Advice for Deacons of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica by Dionysus Soter

“The title of 'Deacon' is derived from the Greek diakonos, meaning 'servant,' and the principal business of the Deacon is service. The Deacon does a service to the Church in seeing that the ritual continues to be performed rightly, with joy and beauty. More specifically, she serves the Priest and Priestess in attend- ing to their ritual needs in the course of the ceremony. The Deacon also serves the People by orienting them to the ritual, and providing them with cues and guidance throughout it.

While service is the principal business of the Deacon, it is not at all her only business. The Deacon occupies a sort of 'middle management' role in the ritual, with supervisory responsibility of various sorts. The Deacon’s service to the People actually takes the form of leadership and supervision. She also super- vises the two Children in their ritual roles. And the Deacon ordinarily has management responsibility for the physical setting of the temple.”—Dionysus Soter, Advice for Deacons of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica


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