Betty May

Betty May photo from Aleister Crowley's Confessions

Betty May from her autobiography Tiger Woman My Story

The Sphinx by Jacob Kramer, 1919. Betty May claimed to be the subject

Betty May cabaret act

Betty May wild girl

Betty May wild girl

Image from Garnett/Burke's Dope Darling, with character Claire based on Betty May

Betty May, Bessie Golding, Betty May Golding, Tiger Woman, Mrs Dartnell, Mrs Loveday, Mrs Sedgewick

  • Born August, 1894 at Tidal Basin, Canning Town, London
  • Married Raoul Loveday, 1922
  • Resident at the Abbey of Thelema, 1922
  • Died aft 1955

Bohemeian, Augustus John, Jacob Epstein, London, Nina Hamnett, Aleister Crowley, Abbey of Thelema, Frederick Charles Loveday/Raoul Loveday, Fitzroy Tavern, The Harlequin, David Garnett/Bunny/Leda Burke, Jacob Kramer, Stewart Gray, White Panther, L'Apache Gang, Endell Street Club, Café Royal, Horace de Vere Cole, Nancy Cunard, William Orpen, Anna Wickham, Iris Tree, Ezra Pound, Euphemia Lamb/Nina Forrest, Cabaret Theatre Club, Cave of the Golden Calf, Madame Strindberg, The Cherub, “The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies”, Wally's, “Sigh No More Ladies”, “Bonnie Earl O'Murray” and “There Lived a Girl in Amsterdam”


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