Agape Lodge

Agape Lodge, or Agape Lodge No. 2, an historic local body of Ordo Templi Orientis in Los Angeles active from 1935 until 1949. Founded by Wilfred Talbot Smith, it was based in Smith's home in Hollywood, from 1935–1936, which was at 1746 Winona Boulevard. Beginning in 1939, Jack Parsons organized OTO activities, and, in June 1942, the lodge moved to his home, “The Parsonage”, which was at 1003 S Orange Grove Blvd in Pasadena.

(Also, a different, lesser known local body Agapé Lodge No. 1 was established in 1915 at Vancouver, B.C.)

  • Agape Lodge No. 1 established in Vancouver, B.C., 1905
  • Agape Lodge No. 2 established in California, 1935
  • Relocation of Agape Lodge to the “Parsonage” on S. Orange Grove Boulevard, Pasadena, June 1942
  • Jack Parsons appointed head of Agape Lodge, 1942
  • L Ron Hubbard first visits the Parsonage, August 1945
  • Agape Lodge ceases to hold regular meetings, 1949

People involved with the lodge, beyond Smith and Parsons, included Helen Parsons, Grady McMurtry, Claire Palmer, Sara(h) "Betty" Northrup, Karl Germer, Phyllis Seckler, Louis T Culling, Roy Leffingwell, Fred Gwynn, Alva Rogers, Regina Kahl, Jane Wolfe, Marjorie Cameron, Oliver Jacobi, Harold S Soule, Reea G Leffingwell, Ray G Burlinggame, Richard Canright, Barbara Canright, Carl Rudolph Pastor, Harry Helmuth Pastor, Mildred Burlinggame, Margot Shippen Cummings Gwynn,

Other people connected with the lodge were L Ron Hubbard, Ayna Sosoyena, Nieson Himmel, Robert Cornog, Louis Goldstone


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