Adeptus Minor

Adeptus Minor, 5=6 grade of A∴A∴. Also a grade of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

“A grade of adeptship. See Equinox III.”—Book 4, Part II

“His duty is laid down in Paper F, Class D.

It is to follow out the instruction given in the Vision of the Eighth Aethyr for the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

[NOTE. This is in truth the sole task; the others are useful only as adjuvants to and preparations for the One Work.

Moreover, once this task has been accomplished, there is no more need of human help or instruction; for by this alone may the highest attainment be reached.

All these grades are indeed but convenient landmarks, not necessarily significant. A person who had attained them all might be immeasurably the inferior of one who had attained none of them; it is Spiritual Experience alone that counts in Result; the rest is but Method.

Yet it is important to possess knowledge and power, provided that it be devoted wholly to that One Work.]“—Liber XIII vel Graduum Montis Abiegni


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