Adam Weishaupt

Greater Feast of Adam Weishaupt, died November 18, 1830 at Gotha, Germany in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library

Adam Weishaupt, Frater Spartacus; founder of the Bavarian Order of Illuminati; Bavaria / Germany, 1748 - 1830

“ILLUMINATI. This Society was founded 1st May, 1776, by Professor Weishaupt, of Ingoldstadt with the object of arriving at political power, and revolutionise religion and governments. It is only related to other Societies in so far as this that Weishaupt, Knigge, and Bode drew upon ancient mysticism for their Ritual, and induced their own members to spread themselves into the Masonic Lodges to influence the Society.”—ORIGIN AND ANTIQUITY OF THE ARCANE SCHOOLS. CHAPTER VI. THE MYSTIC AND HERMETIC SCHOOLS IN CHRISTIAN TIMES.

“O.T.O. “traditional” history includes the Weishaupt Illuminati of the late 18th century”—OTO History

Adam Weishaupt appears in only the Magick in Theory and Practice version of Liber XV published during Aleister Crowley's lifetime. Adam Weishaupt is not on the short list, and is therefore a name celebrated only at performances when the full Saints Collect is read.

Gnostic Saint International Equinox Magick in Theory and Practice
Adam Weishaupt     Adam Weishaupt


Freemason; tried to turn Freemasonry towards political ends in Bavaria; Philanthropist; believed in the perfectibility of Man; While Freemasons supported the successful American and somewhat successful French Revolutions, Weishaupt's dream of bringing Humanism to Germany and the surrounding Kingdoms failed, and he was disgraced. The Illuminati degrees were divided into Three Classes – Nursery, with the degrees of Preparation, Novice, Minerval, and Illuminatus Minor. Then Masonry, with the three symbolic degrees, and two “Scotch” Illuminatus Major, or Scotch Novice, and Illuminatus Dirigens, or Scotch Knight. The third group was the Nuptenes, the lesser Epopt or Priest, and Prince or Regent, and the Greater Magus or Philosopher, and Rex or King; The New World Order was a civil State, not under Religious rule; Christianity, not Churchianity; allowed Female members; equality; Creator of Masonic Rites; antisemitic; His “Sacred materialism” has much in common with “Intelligent Design” or Creationism in attempting to balance Free Will and Nature's God, who watches over Mankind's inevitable progress; Can see how it might have influenced Nazism, or at least Johann Gottlieb Fichte's German Aryanism;


Herr. H aka Ernst Christoph Henninger; Baron Cr aka Maximilian Leopold Baron Cronegg ; Johann Georg Heinrich Feder; Baron Karl Gotthelf von Hund; Br. Christian Ludewig Stahlbaum, 1778; the Alumbrados aka Illuminados of Spain, 1509-1667: Carl Friedrich Koppen aka Karl Friedrich von Koppen, 1734-1797; Johann Wilhelm Bernard Hymmen,1731-1787, authors of Crata Repoa & founders of Order of the African Architects aka Afrikansche Bauherren;Charles Bonner, author of Palingenesie philosophique, 1769; Nicolas-Antoine Boulanger, author of L'Antiquite devoile; Johann Carl Dahnert; Christoph Meiners; Johann Daniel Müller aka “Elias Artista,Rosicrucian;


Carl Kellner; Theodor Reuss; Robert Anton Wilson; briefly Karl Eckartshausen; President George H.W. Bush of Skull & Bones and the CIA; Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Gotha; Lavalette de Langes aka Savalette de Langes of the 'Rite of the Philalethes'; Baron von Zinnendorf aka Johann Wilhelm von Zinzendorf (notice different spelling) aka Dr. Johann Wilhelm Ellenberger of the 'Rite of Zinendorf' and Rite of the Grand Lodge at the Three Globes aka Weak Observance; Nicolas de Bonneville aka the Chevalier de Bonneville, of the ' Rite of Perfection', 1754; Baron Georg von Reichel of the 'Russian Inner Order'; Johann J. C. Bode aka Johann Joachim Christoph Bode (1731 – 1793); Christoph Friedrich Nicolai (1733-1811); Franz Xaver von Zwack (1755-1843) ; Baron Thomas Franz Maria de Bassus (1742-1815); Franz Anton von Massenhausen of the 'Order of the Perfectibilists'; Jeva Singh-Anand; Joseph Wages; Reinhard Markner; Marchese Costanzo di Costanzo aka Marquis de Costanzo aka Br. Diomedes ,1780; Baron Friedrich Joseph Roth von Schreckenstein of Eichstatt; johann Heinrich Faber, 1742-1791; Ludwig Adolph Christian von Grolman, 1793; Friedrich Ludwig Schroder; Hermann Schuttler, 1994; W. Dan Wilson;


Baron von Knigge AKA Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwid Baron Von Knigge aka Eques a Cygno ;Duke Ernest II of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg; WM Ferdinand Maria Baader of St. Theodore Lodge; Franz Karl Arhardt ; Count Johann Martin von Stolberg-Robla; Rev. Johann Friedrich Mieg;


Hans Heinrich von Ecker und von Eckihoffem; Charles Theodore aka Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria; George Washington; John Robison ; Thomas Jefferson ; Abbé Barruel aka Abbé Augustin Barruel, author of Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire du Jacobinisme aka Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism , 1797 ; The Jesuits; John Robison, 1739 – 1805, author of Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1797;


“Lodge of Caution” or “Theodor zum guten Rath”, aka Lodge Theodore of Good Counsel at Munich, 1777 ; Lodge of Freemasonry, 1774; “Order of Perfectibilists”, 1776; The Order of Illuminati; University of Ingolstadt; the Rite of Strict Observance;


(1775) De Lapsu Academiarum Commentatio Politica (1786); Über die Schrecken des Todes – eine philosophische Rede;(French) Discours Philosophique sur les Frayeurs de la Mort (1788); “A Complete History of the Persecutions of the Illuminati in Bavaria” (1785); “A Picture of Illuminism” (1786); “An Apology for the Illuminati” (1786) ;“An Improved System of Illuminism” (1787); Über Die Selbstkenntnis ihre Hindernisse und Vorteile nach dem Original von 1794 aka About The self-knowledge of their obstacles and benefits after the original from in 1794; A School for Humanity, 1775, draft only; Preparation for those Who are to Participate in Governing the Order; On Materialism and Idealism aka Ueber Materialismus und Idealismus, 1786; Nachtrag zur Rechtertigung meiner Absichten aka Suppliment to the Justification of my Intent, 1787; History and Perfection of the Human Race aka Gerschichte der Vervollkommnung des menschlichen Gerschichte, 1788; if not the writer, produced the teachings presented in The Genuine Illuminatus aka Der achte Illuminat, 1788; The Latest Work of Spartacus and Philo aka Die neusten Arbeiten des Spartacus und Philo, 1793; Illuminatus Dirigens, 1794; A General Idea of the Society of the Illuminati; The Correct Pronunciation and Spelling of the Persian Months of the Calendar, 1784; Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens, 1787; Supplement to the Illuminati Minor the Better Instruction of the Superior; Instructions to the National Inspectors;


“Therefore read diligently and think about what you have read. Above all, use your own mind, not someone else's… Most of all, explore human nature not so much from books as from within yourselves, from the observation of others, and from the conclusions drawn similar circumstances abstracted onto others”


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