Examples of new Magical Squares

Magick and Qabalah #1 - Bill Heidrick

Examples of new Magical Squares


S AThAN     Chapter 3, Sq. 4.
A DA MA     “To cause any spirit to
ThAB ATh    appear and take the form
A MA DA     of a bird.”
N AThAS     

{Hebrew transliteration}

G ATASh    The Adversary
A MADA     (of) Man
T ABAT     Becomes Pleasant
A DAMA     In a Garment
ShATaN     Extended

STN —– HB:ShTN — Adversary (Satan)
ADM —— HB:ADM — Adam (human being)
TBT —– HB:TBTh — Garment
NTS —– HB:NTSh — to stretch out, to spread out or to extend.

In using AbraMeling Squares, it is very important to engage in some careful meditation that is correct for the nature of the system. The Abra-Melin system is NOT Astrological, but directional (up, down, E, W, N & S) in systematic structure. To use planetary energies in consecrating these square is to make them very dangerous to the magician. The proper method is banishment, study of the square, Bornless ritual, analysis and writing of the square, enclosure of the square in a safe manner, and then final banishment of the place after the square has been removed — in that order. Actual consecration of the square should be co-temporal with writing the square, not later. A prolonged meditation on the letters of the square should be done as part of the consecration — not less than one hour.


HOR AH    Chapter 10, Sq. 4.
OSO MA    “To Discover Magic.”
AMO SO    
HAR OH    

{Hebrew transliteration}

HA RV H    The Mother
AM VShV    Names (the)
RV TV R    Trembling enclosures
VShVM A    Of the Night's
HV RA H    Increase.

Use this square as an exercise in identifying the roots in a Hebrew Lexicon. The middle word can also be found in Latin, with a similar meaning.

On the next page, an “incomplete” square has been “completed through meditation”. This is a highly variable technique that depends both on a Lexicon and on the idea of symmetry in the completed square. Such work is not necessary to the use of the square, but it increases control of the resulting Magick. The completion of a square is a highly individual action. Much depends on the state of the Magician, and therefore the final result is more likely to be conformal to the nature of the Magician than it would be without completion. Naturally the results of working the square are more limited in that manner, but this is usually very desirable.

If completion proves difficult, a more advanced method can be used. Pages 10 to 13 show new squares (not from Abra-Melin's book) obtained through this advanced method. In this method, determine the purpose to the new square. Establish a blank square of the correct size, and get high
until you can see the letters — using a ritual method. Planetary considerations can be used to determine the size of the square, but they should not be used in consecration.


CEDIDAH    Chapter 12, S1. 5.
E     “To know the Secrets of Love.”

{Hebrew transliteration & completion}

HAD YDHK    According to need, speak praise.
AKY DHRH    Become pregnant with a fullness of sadness.
DHThARYD    For a vision requires descending.
YDA RADY    Praise the vision of desire.
DYR ARHD    Let it endure as a worthy gift.
HRH DYKA    Thus, bind together the course.
KHD YDAH    Behold! Sexual love from wretchedness.

{Completed, showing Latin letters}


In this case, most of the work was done through symmetry. The small number of squares that had to be filled in within the larger square were obtained by looking up a few words in the Lexicon. Other incomplete squares are more difficult.


IALDAH    Chapter 19, Sq. 12
AQORIA    “To obtain the friendship of some particular person.”

{Hebrew transliteration}

H ADLAY    Divine Maid
H YRVQA    Beautiful of breath
H RYQYL    Grant us the Lordly pearl
H DYYRD    Protect us from harm
a,aRDRYA    We exclaim
N VDVAH    at Thy Holy Breath.

Some of the squares, such as this one, seem to contain a definite element of Goddess worship. This is unmistakable in the Abra-Melin book. The lists of servitors to the demon princes include a list under the name “Kore” — a widely known Greek Goddess. In other places the magical squares contain lines that are exact feminine names.

The various square which follow this point are new ones, obtained through the agency of meditation on one or more of the 231 Gates of the Yetzirah. The particular Gate used is noted in each case. This form of meditation is only one of many that would do the job. The 231 Gates are dangerous to use for this purpose unless they can also be used LAShTAL.


THOB    A new Square:
HLBI    To heal one afflicted in the pursuit of Magic (not Magick).

{Hebrew version}

BVHT    Beauty in
YBLH    The Bright Covenant
HLBY    Wealth of the Lord fails not
THVB    Enter the shining light

Note: while meditating on this square, don't let the Beth's become Reshss. The square would change to produce drunkenness and trembling.

This square was obtained 6/4/76 e.v. while meditating on the mystical significance of the Gate Samekh-Resh. A battery of ritual exercises was performed astrally as the principal preparation for the meditation: Lesser Pentagram Banishment, Tree of Life ascension and descent, projection of the Yetziratic Cube of Space, recitation of the 231 gates by verbal projection while the gate Samekh-Resh was held constantly as a visual projection and a final period of working that concentrated on the correspondences of the gate itself.

A piece of paper was then ruled into a grid of four squares on a side (four is the number of Jupiter, the planet of healing the higher spirit — the ONLY use of astrological symbolism in this working). Then the grid was meditated upon until letters appeared astrally in individual sections of the grid. Each time a letter (in Hebrew) appeared, it was marked down with a pen and ink at the point of appearance and at symmetrical points on the grid. Finally the resultant was translated with a Lexicon — in that an intelligible result issued, the working was held to be confirmed. Had the translation produced nonsense, the working would have been aborted. This was a single attempt. No repetition of the working on the same day would have been attempted, if the translation had not made sense.


AOHI    A new Square:
ZABR    To bather seekers to the covenanting.

{Hebrew version}

Y HVA     There is a need for a place
R BATz    The strong shall gather in light
TzABR     A resting place for many
A VHY     With the living one.

Note: too many people or too many goals produce chaos through the third row. The value of the letters in the top and bottom rows is each 22.

This square was obtained 6/4/76 e.v. while meditating of the gate Samekh-Resh, on the same occasion as the previous square.

In each of these two examples, study of the Lexicon provided the information given in the note. Minor variations or suggestions obtained in individual lines of the squares made these observations significant.

In the related system of Enochian Magick, Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly used a shiew stone to obtain the necessary degree of abstraction required for receiving the images of the letters.

In the original Abra-Melin working, wind and animal marks made in a layer of white sand were used to obtain the letters — this is traditional Geomancy, not necessarily related to the more familiar form using figures of two columns of up to four dots each.

Cartomacy with Tarot would also work, as would a host of other methods. The trick of doing this is simply one of getting to a sufficient mental state and having a means of inducing a vision of letters at command. The methods using some interpretation depend on a limited prior knowledge of Hebrew words for efficiency, but they can work without it. The methods using automatic result (Cartomancy especially) require psychokenetic ability.


KIIMOSMIS    A new Square:
QAKHMHPAT    To send away allergies to pets.

{Hebrew version}

ShI M ShVM Y Y Ch    Live each day in the Sun.
M Y N H BD A ChA     Join in kinship with the Sea.
ThA P H MH K A Q     Abandon sadness and confusion — Read aloud the Square.
H D a'aL AR Tz A N     A blooming shoot-Divine adornment.
V A D A TA D A V     A mist conceals the sickness.
N A Tz R AL a'aD H     Shout joyfully. In the world delight at plenty.
Q A K H MH P A Th    Bring this sign to the nose while music plays.
A ChA D BH N Y M     All kinds of falsehood flee the friend
ChY Y M VShM Y Sh    A gift to deal with smells is this square of the Most High.

obtained 6/4/76 e.v. through the gate Samekh-Resh.

This square was chosen to be of nine squares owing to a distinct feeling that a Lunar matrix would be the best approach to what was after all a rather odd question. Note that the study of the square produced an instructed process for its use. This is generally to be expected in cases where squares of a great many letters are produced by the method used here. These squares often deal with complex matters, even picayune ones! When something diverges so far from simplicity, more is often needed to put the thing into practice.

The next square is an extreme example.


BDHILDM    A new Square:
ZOIHKOT    To make barren ground burst
IOCNCOI    forth with growing things.

{Hebrew version}

M D L YH D B     The generation is worthless
V B Y VQ N A     Abandon sorrow and expectancy.
Tza'aK HY a'aTz    For the need to strike out, take counsel.
Y N ChNChV Y     God is kind to those who tend the land.
Tza'aY HK a'aTz    Ask around for advice.
A N Q VY B V     Entreat the line of red glow.
B D H YL D M     From buckets of blessed water, fullness will come.

A ritual is indicated in these lines:

  1. At the place that is barren, say that it is fruitless.
  2. Release the feeling that something useful will grow there.
  3. Calm down.
  4. Say “God is kind to those who tend the land.”
  5. Ask about the soil and the history of the barren place.
  6. Mark a red line (circle) about the barren place.
  7. Water well — with any chemical or prayer the soil needs.

Here the square tends to be a draft of a combination ritual and lesson on horticulture. For all I know, the “red line” could be an instruction to surround a planting with snail pellets! These new squares may be a bit harder to pronounce. Study of Gaelic glide consonants can be of help. Crowley's advice on Enochian pronunciation given in the Equinox would also be of service.

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