Magick and Qabalah #1 - Bill Heidrick



MILON    Chapter I, Sq. 1:
LAMAL    “To know things Past and
OGARI    Future in General

{Hebrew transliteration}

N VLYM     In a place of rest
a'aGARY     Tremble
L AMAL     Before (the) God (of Solomon)
Y RAGa'a    And strangely utter
M YLVN     Concerning mortal things.

Exposition of the Method:

MLON —– HB:MLVN — a night's lodging or rest; and Inn.
RGO —— HB:RGa'a — to tremble.
LMOAL —- HB:LMVAL — “to God” — a proper name, perhaps of Solomon.
OGR —– HB: a'aGR — to cry or make a shrill sound.
NOLIM — HB: NVLYM — the soiled ones.

The above magical square was studied with the aid of a Hebrew Lexicon. Roots of words (usually three letters long) were identified, with an eye toward making sense with the intention of the square and with the scansion of the resulting statement in mind. Letters that could be introduced by vowel points in the Hebrew were either ignored or considered to be very unimportant. When a translation of sorts was obtained, these vowels were assigned in a manner at the same time symmetrical and in close agreement with the Latin letter original.

It would be remarkable if anyone independently translated this square in the exact same manner. This is a meditation technique, not scholarship.

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