Ritual Aleph א

Magick and Qabalah #1 - Bill Heidrick




A Ma'aseh Merkabah ritual constructed from traditional sources and from the angelic pantheon adopted by the Order of the Golden Dawn, by Ordo Templi Orientis in the Hebrew and by A∴A∴, a body continuing the lineage of the G∴D∴ in the Hebrew Words of Power.

by Bill Heidrick, IX° O.T.O.

This ritual is to be performed in conjunction with a study of the Tree of Life. It should be used once a day in the evening or just before bed. In addition to the powers noted and a general attainment of the Merkabah vision, this ritual is particularly suited to the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

First Part

Face East, compose yourself, and say aloud and in a manner as though speaking to a King with the Power of Life and Death:

“May the Holy Angel Raziel (Resh-Zain-Yod-Aleph-Lamed) grant a safe and fruitful fulfillment of this Ritual.”

“May the fifteen abilities that change Abdach (Aleph-Bet-Dalet-Heh) into Abgadach (Aleph-Bet-Gemel-Dalet-Heh) be freely given and received.”

“To ascend on high.”
Lamed-Mem-Yod-Samekh-Qof Lamed-Ayin-Yod-Lamed-Aleph

“To descend below.”
Lamed-Mem-Yod-Chet-Taw Lamed-Taw-Taw-Aleph

“To drive on wheels.”
Lamed-Mem-Resh-Koph-Bet Gemel-Lamed-Gemel-Lamed-Yod-Nunfinal

“To explore the world.”
Lamed-Mem-Chet-Qof-Resh Taw-Bet-Lamed

“To walk on dry ground.”
Lamed-Mem-Heh-Lamed-Koph-Aleph Bet-Yod-Bet-Shin-Taw-Aleph

“To contemplate the Splendour.”
Lamed-Mem-Samekh-Taw-Koph-Lamed-Aleph Bet-Zain-Yod-Vau-Aleph

“To dwell with the Crown.”
Lamed-Aleph-Yod-Shin-Resh-Aleph-Heh Bet-Taw-Gemel-Aleph

To praise the Glory.“
Lamed-Mem-Shin-Bet-Heh-Chet-Aleph Bet-Aleph-Yod-Qof-Resh-Aleph

“To say praise.”
Lamed-Mem-Yod-Mem-Resh Shin-Bet-Chet-Aleph

“To combine the letters.”
Lamed-Mem-Dalet-Bet-Qof-Aleph Aleph-Taw-Yod-Yod-Nunfinal

“To say names.”
Lamed-Mem-Yod-Mem-Resh Shin-Mem-Heh-Nunfinal


“To behold what is on High,
Lamed-Mem-Tzaddi-Peh-Yod Lamed-Ayin-Yod-Lamed-Aleph

and to behold what is below.”
Vau-Lamed-Mem-Tzaddi-Peh-Yod Lamed-Taw-Taw-Aleph

“To know the meaning of the living.
Lamed-Mem-Yod-Dalet-Ayin Bet-Peh-Yod-Resh-Vau-Shin Chet-Yod-Yod-Aleph

and to see the vision of the dead.”
Vau-Lamed-Mem-Chet-Zain-Yod Bet-Chet-Zain-Vau-Taw Mem-Taw-Yod-Yod-Aleph

“To walk in rivers of fire,
Lamed-Mem-Heh-Lamed-Koph-Aleph Bet-Gemel-Heh-Resh-Yod Nun-Vau-Resh-Aleph

and to know the lightning.”
Vau-Lamed-Mem-Yod-Dalet-Ayin Bet-Bet-Resh-Qof-Aleph

“To behold Truth.”
Lamed-Mem-Tzaddi-Peh-Yod Aleph-Mem-Taw

Pause and consider what has just been said. If these powers are sought in their own right, they will not come. These powers are only granted for the attainment of higher purpose: This is the Discovery of the True Will and the Completion of the Great Work” as Crowley put it; and for leading “the Creator back to His (Her) Throne again” in the words of the Sepher Yetzirah — in plain terms, Enlightenment. The magical powers are a gift along the way and an aid to attainment. Only LAShTAL, freedom from lust of result, can be the way of doing this Work.

Second Part.

For Purification.
Perform the Lesser Pentagram Earth Banishing Ritual. Make one change in this ritual:

For the purpose of Ritual Aleph, the positions of the Archangels must be given in this manner:

Before (East) is Raphael
Behind (West) is Uriel
At Right (South) is Michael
At Left (North) is Gabriel

This change is made to align the ARCHangels in the pattern as Angels of the ARK, or Throne Angels. The usual attribution of the ritual is to the prevailing winds, and changes depending on East or West coast location and position North or South of the Equator. This allocation is to the Kerubic Signs and is less geographically dependent.


The pentagram ritual should be well learned in its usual form before applying it in this fashion. In this use, the banishment is directed toward all earthly things.

Third Part.

This is the ascension up the Tree to Chesed with invocation of the blessings of Binah, Chokmah and Keter — this manifests as a reception of Da'at preliminary to the completion of the Great Work. Read aloud each of these statements in a manner of announcing your intentions to all beings physical and spiritual.

10. “I invoke Da'at in Malkut that my senses fail me not. May the Aishim (Aleph-Shin-Yod-Memfinal), the flames, foundations, the
angels of existence, bring me to ride in the Chariot of Shabbatai (Shin-Bet-Taw-Aleph-Yod), Saturn in this world.”

9. “I invoke Da'at in Yesod that my imagination deceive me not. May the Kerubim (Koph-Resh-Vau-Bet-Yod-Memfinal), the angelic Cherubs of four ways, winds and forms, bring me to ride in the Chariot of Lebanah (Lamed-Bet-Nun-Heh), the Moon in this world of Yesod.”

8. “I invoke Da'at in Hod that my intellect guide me well. May the Beni Elohim (Bet-Nun-Yod Aleph-Lamed-Heh-Yod-Memfinal), the angelic sons of the gods and goddesses who followed after the children of Adam, bring me to ride in the Chariot of Kokab (Koph-Vau-Koph-Bet)
Mercury in this world of Hod.”

7. “I invoke Da'at in Netzach that my emotions bear me up. May the Elohim (Aleph-Lamed-Heh-Yod-Memfinal), the angelic gods and goddesses who formed the world, bring me to ride in the Chariot of Nogah (Nun-Vau-Gemel-Heh), Venus in this world of Netzach.”


6. “I invoke Da'at in Tipheret that my life be fulfilled. May the Melakim (Mem-Lamed-Koph-Yod-Memfinal), the royal angels of the middle place, bring me to ride in the Chariot of Schemesh (Shin-Mem-Shin), the Sun in this world of Tipheret.”

5. “I invoke Da'at in Geburah that my life be ordered. May the Seraphim (Shin-Resh-Peh-Yod-Memfinal), the burning ones, the exalted angels of wrath, permit me to ride in the Chariot of Madim (Mem-Aleph-Dalet-Yod-Memfinal), Mars in this world of Geburah.”

4. “I invoke Da'at in Chesed that my life be blessed. May the Chashmalim (Chet-Shin-Mem-Lamed-Memfinal), the shining angels of divine love, carry me to ride in the Chariot of Tzedeq (Tzaddi-Dalet-Qof), Jupiter in this world of Chesed.”

Continue with these statements. Project positive feeling that the angels named are your friends and companions.

“Through the aid of the great angels of the lesser chariots who are my friends and companions”
Cassiel (Koph-Samekh-Aleph-Lamed) above my reach (Saturn).
Sachiel (Samekh-Koph-Aleph-Lamed) the tabernacle (Jupiter).
Samael (Samekh-Mem-Aleph-Lamed) the spice (Mars).
Michael (Mem-Yod-Koph-Aleph-Lamed) the likeness (Sun).
Anael (Aleph-Nun-Yod-Aleph-Lamed) the ship (Venus).
Raphael (Resh-Peh-Aleph-Lamed) the healing (Mercury).
Gabriel (Gemel-Bet-Resh-Yod-Aleph-Lamed) the mighty (Moon).
Cassiel (Koph-Samekh-Aleph-Lamed) the throne as it appears below
(Saturn as Earth).
“I shall become worthy of the great Vision of the Merkabah (Mem-Resh-Koph-Bet-Heh) in Binah beyond Proket Zohar (Peh-Resh-Koph-Taw Zain-Heh-Resh), the veil of Splendour, when Da'at (Abdah) becomes Abgadah.”
“From the Vision I shall pass to the Throne's Voice, the voice of the one who wears the pure linen garment in Chokmah, — by the gift of dew.”


“In hearing the Voice, may it be granted that I dwell with the Crown in Keter and yet know the Kingdom in Malkut.”

Note: as a death prayer or prayer at the moment of death, the words “and yet know…” are not used unless the person dying wishes to reincarnate with conscious memory of the previous life — a most painful event.“

Introduction to the Second Half of Ritual Aleph:

Up to this point all is preparation and atunement. Beyond this point the part taken by the worker of this ritual becomes increasingly personal.

The fourth part employs the fifty gates of understanding in a way quite similar to the “negative confession” of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. In this, seven statements of purity are made for each of the seven lower worlds or hells. These are not to be memorized, but a made up on the spot by the worker of the ritual. This fourth part is very nearly the most important part of the entire ritual. When the worker can say all forty-nine truths, declarations of purity or conscience, the fiftieth gate opens and the rest of the ritual becomes Truth. Until this point is reached, the rest can only be empty words and the summoning of earth-bound spirits. The depth of inner searching reflected in the 49 Truths then determines the success or failure of the rest of the ritual. The names of the Door angels of Part Four describe feelings of failure or guilt in the utterance of the corresponding Truths. To abate such feelings, refrain from saying ”… and enter …“ Resolve to make the cause of failure vanish from your life by the power of the particular angel of that door acting through you in the days to come. { -25- page top } After Part Five, the remaining parts are in outline only. These will be given to you in vision and dream through The Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

Second Half of Ritual Aleph

In the following you will perform a sort of examination of conscience. This is in the form of a ritual descent through the seven lower levels of consciousness. At each of seven “doors” two angels are confronted. Their names in Hebrew are spoken and Seven Declarations of Purity are made. Each of these begins: “I have not…” and should be made up on the spot. Each declaration should be of a fault (for example: “I have not broken the law of this city.” or “I have not cheated anyone.” or “I have not abused myself unduly.” &c.). The seven statements are different for each of the seven doors. There will be forty-nine in all. Use caution in choosing what to say. Don't say something that seems ridiculous or too painful. These statements will develop with practice. The intensity of each set of seven should increase as you go on; so that the first set is the easiest to say and the last the hardest.

A word of advice. Try to keep aware that you are a different person in the midst of this ritual than you are in everyday life. Theoretically, there should be no problem in saying something like “I have not stolen.” just after accepting change for ten dollars in a market when you actually paid five. In practice, of course, this ritual state of consciousness will influence your everyday mental state and vice-versa.

Fourth Part.

Say the following, remembering to include the seven statements (“I have not…” in the places { -26- page top} where ”…“ appears in the text. Where “N” appears, don't say “N”, but say your own name. In time, you may wish to use a different name for yourself at each of these seven doors. Such names come through Vision and Dream.

There are correspondences between the seven ancient planets and these seven doors. These have been indicated above each passage. They should not be said, but they may be of help in making the seven statements at each door.

Say this: “I descend in purification that Da'atim (masculine knowledge) and Da'atot (feminine knowledge) become one Da'at (pure knowledge).”

“At the Door of Hismael (Heh-Samekh-Mem-Aleph-Lamed), the Likeness, and Iophiel (Yod-Vau-Peh-Aleph-Lamed), the Beauty, I, “N”, declare seven truths ”…” and enter.“

“At the Door of Bartzabel (Bet-Resh-Tzaddi-Bet-Aleph-Lamed), the Soldier, and Graphiel (Gemel-Resh-Aleph-Peh-Yod-Aleph-Lamed), the Might, I, “N”, declare seven truths … and enter.”

“At the Door of Sorath (Samekh-Vau-Resh-Taw), the Banisher, and Nakhiel (Nun-Koph-Yod-Aleph-Lamed), The Smiting, I, “N”, declare seven truths … and enter.”

“At the Door of Kedemel (Qof-Dalet-Mem-Aleph-Lamed), the Ancient, and Hagiel (Heh-Gemel-Yod-Aleph-Lamed), the Cutter, I, “N”, declare seven truths … and enter.”


“At the Door of Taptartarat (Taw-Peh-Taw-Resh-Taw-Resh-Taw), the Derision, and Tiriel (Tet-Yod-Resh-Yod-Aleph-Lamed), the Wall, I, “N”, declare seven truths … and enter.”

“At the Door of Schar Barschemoth Ha–Shartathan (Shin-Resh Bet-Resh-Shin-Mem-Ayin-Taw Heh–Shin-Resh-Taw-Taw-Nunfinal), the Prince who is the Son of the Names of the Serving Ones, and Malkah (Mem-Lamed-Koph-Heh), the Bride, I, “N”, declare seven truths … and enter.”

“At the Door of Zaziel (Zain-Zain-Aleph-Lamed), the Destroyer, and Agiel (Aleph-Gemel-Yod-Aleph-Lamed), the one called Flee, I, “N”, declare seven truths … and enter.”

“Thus is opened the fiftieth gate on high.”

Fifth Part.

Say these things, being especially careful to say the names with reverence. Those names that follow the phrase “… who between them bear…” are names of the Divinity. Such divine names should be said inwardly and with awe.

Say this: “Being purified outwardly and inwardly I call upon the Archangels who stand before the Holy One, bearing the names of the Ways in which Truth is perceived:“
“Metatron (Mem-Tet-Tet-Resh-Vau-Nunfinal) the Youth and Sandalphon (Samekh-Nun-Dalet-Lamed-Peh-Vau-Nunfinal) the Twin who between them bear Adonai Melekh Ha-Aretz (Aleph-Dalet-Nun-Yod Mem-Lamed-Kophfinal Heh–Aleph-Resh-Tzaddifinal).”
“Gabriel (Gemel-Bet-Resh-Yod-Aleph-Lamed) the Might of God who bears Shaddai El Chi (Shin-Dalet-Yod Aleph-Lamed Chet-Yod).
“Michael (Mem-Yod-Koph-Aleph-Lamed) the Likeness of God who bears Elohim Tzabaot (Aleph-Lamed-Heh-Yod-Memfinal Tzaddi-Bet-Aleph-Vau-Taw).”


“Haniel (Heh-Aleph-Nun-Yod-Aleph-Lamed) the Ship of God who bears Jahovah Tzabaot (Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh Tzaddi-Bet-Aleph-Vau-Taw).”
“Raphael (Resh-Peh-Aleph-Lamed) the Healing of God who bears Jahovah Eloh Va-Da'at (Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh Aleph-Lamed-Vau-Heh Vau–Dalet-Ayin-Taw).”
“Kamael (Koph-Mem-Aleph-Lamed) the Longing of God who bears Elohim Gibor (Aleph-Lamed-Heh-Yod-Memfinal Gemel-Bet-Vau-Resh).”
“Tzadqiel (Tzaddi-Dalet-Qof-Yod-Aleph-Lamed) the Righteousness of God who bears El (Aleph-Lamed).”

Sixth Part.

In the practice of the ritual, pause slightly here. Then go on as before. The statement made here is only a model. The actual content of this part and parts Seven and Eight will come to you in the progress of your Work.

“O'h Tzaphqiel (Tzaddi-Peh-Qof-Yod-Aleph-Lamed), Hidden Voice of God, who bears Yahweh Elohim (Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh Aleph-Lamed-Heh-Yod-Memfinal), I behold the Vision and hear the Voice by thy revealing and concealing.”

Seventh Part

“O'h Raziel (Resh-Zain-Yod-Aleph-Lamed), Secret of God, who bears Yah (Yod-Heh), I understand the Vision and Voice. Grant me Wisdom.”

Eight Part.

“O'h Metatron (Mem-Tet-Tet-Resh-Vau-Nunfinal), Ever Young, Never Born, Without Beginning, who art called Jahoel (Yod-Heh-Vau-Aleph-Lamed), who bears Eheieh (Aleph-Heh-Yod-Heh), Grant What is to be Granted.”

Ninth Part.

It is desirable to have a closing ritual. This may be done in various ways; but, for now, say this:


“Berashit Bara Elohim At Ha-Shmim Va-at Ha-Aretz.” Bet–Resh-Aleph-Shin-Yod-Taw Bet-Resh-Aleph Aleph-Lamed-Heh-Yod-Memfinal Aleph-Taw Heh–Shin-Mem-Yod-Memfinal Vau–Aleph-Taw Heh–Aleph-Resh-Tzaddifinal

Alternately, one may write down the thoughts that pass within one's mind. To this end it is best to use a secretary for oral dictation during the meditation, or a tape-recorder. The transcription or the play-back can end the working.

Important! When working this ritual after much practice, make sure someone knows what you are doing. Tell that person to wake you after a set time, should you need it.”

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