Page 8

1. H. Active & passive. Severity & mercy
2. “fixed & volatile
3. ”a lamp on each
4. “pillars should have texts of ritual
5. ”of dead on them. Between them is the
6. “path of occult science
7. ”note triangle triad of life
8. “Hs. throne, robe, sword
9. ”Hg. between pillars. White mitre sceptre
10. “he is a reconciler
11. ”K. with her wand & lamp
12. “Stol. cross cup = cold. Dad. cross censor = heat
13. K. proclaim new Neo.
14. Hs. addresses Neo. & exhorts to memory honor God a our Light
16.never condemn other religions secret equilibrium each
19.unbalanced is evil. persevere
20. H. tells subjects of necessary study
21.4 elements, zodiac sign, planets, houses
22.exaltation, triplicities, letters & numbers Hebrew, the ten sephiroth
24. H. No advance except by permit of second order

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