Page 6

1.Nought = Nought Grade
3. H. By dispensation I order Hg. to prepare
4.the candidate. Binds her or him 3 ropes
5. H. Admit ____, loses name. Takes motto
6. K. refuses admission until censed & crossed
7. marked by Dad. & Stol.
8. Can. asking for Light is taken to altar
9. and forced to take an oblicagion to
10. secrecy under threats of expultion
11. & death or palsy from hostile current of will
12. Can. put in North. H. tells her or him to pass
13. from dark to Light. Circumambulation darkness
14. H. leading with red lamp
15. Cand. stopped in N.E. until purified &
16. consecrated
17. Hg. leads C. to W.
18. Hs. Pass not til you know my name
19. C. Darkness
20. Hs. Fear not. Pass on
21. C. stopped in N.E. Stol. & Dad. again
22. H. Pass not til you know my name
23. C. Light dawning art thou
24. H. Avoid this is unbalanced
25. kneel & pray

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