Page 55

1. causeth a transposition
2. for these are cognate symbols
3. but at one time the sword of
4. Justice was the Egyptian
5. knife symbol of the sickle
6. of Leo while the scales
7. meant the Sol having 8. quitted the balance point
9. of highest declination.
10. To the female and the lion
11. gave the idea of Venus Venus
12. Lady of  Libra repressing the
13. fire of Vulcan (Saturn in Libra
14. exaulted. But earliest was
15. the lion goddess to Leo and Ma
16. to Libra with her scales. And this
17. is better. Also Libra was given
18. to & her is at one time
19. to unto the Fool is given
20. air moveable and never
21. permanent. The Juggler

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