Page 22

1.Practicus 3 = 8. H Hs. Hg.
2. Opening
3. H. See to guarding
4. Hg. to water triangleWater
5. Hs. to Mercury
6. Hs. Paths are 31 and 30 of shin & resh - reflection of sol
7.reflection sphere of fire triangle
8. H. Let us adore King of water triangle Elohim Tzabaoth
9. circle invoking fire pentagram inovking earth pentagram invoking pentagram of active spirit
10.invoke water triangle
11. Open in name of El, Elohim Tzabaoth
12.eagle Gabriel cross
15.Wich are names found on the Great Western
16.Quadrangle of Water
17. H. Hs. Hg. I III I III
18. for path 30Tablet of earth triangle air triangle water triangle key 30 of tarot
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