A Place for Friendship and Mutual Support

Join me in giving thanks to these friends for their solidarity and mutual support in helping to keep Hermetic Library going!

Brimstone Apparel

Wear Magick! Clothing, Accessories and More for the Discerning Occultist.

Century Guild

Presenting the Finest Art of Three Centuries

Century Guild art gallery, museum, archive, and publisher specializes in artworks 1880-1920 Art Nouveau & Symbolism. Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Alphonse Mucha, Walter Schnackenberg, Grand Guignol, Gail Potocki, Dance of Death, Der Orchideengarten, Cabaret, German Art Deco, Franz von Stuck, Koloman Moser, Dave McKean.

Femme Occulte

Welcome to the magical Femme Occulte Garden

We create witch books, occult books, ritual packs and card oracles.

Vítejte v magické zahradě Femme Occulte

Tvoříme čarodějnické knihopisy, okultní knihy, rituální balíčky a karetní orákula.

Donald Robertson

How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

Learn how to apply ancient philosophy to everyday events, for a more meaningful and emotionally resilient life.

Quadrivium Supplies

Creator of Ritual Oils

Artisan ritual oils, ritually created during astrological conjunctions, the lunar cycle, and the Chaldean planetary order.

Lailokens Awen

to believe in magic is to believe in yourself

the finest in handcrafted loose and stick incense, beeswax and scented spell candles, anointing oitls, lustral waters, and ritual bath salts, using hermetic principles and respecting astrological correspondences. 100% natural. 100% Canadian.

Want to be listed here? Get in contact and let's talk about opportunities for solidarity and mutual support!

Fraternity is a place to recognize people, entities, and organizations with services to offer others that have helped Hermetic Library with meaningful support or participation.

But, this also functionally implies a “web of trust” element for people with reason to be that want to be folk-verified by me, and I'll list accounts and sites they can be found. This isn't a solution to the fake accounts and lack of verification services on various platforms, but, maybe, let's each of us, where we can, start a “list” (or equivalent per platform) as a mutual web of trust, of accounts we reasonably believe to be ones we would personally verify. Especially, if you have your own “web of trust” page or list, let's talk about mutual folk-verification.