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2008, Sept. 6. Added:

2008, January 18. Retired Eidolons from active duty. Please visit Thelema Philosophia, my new journal.

2008, January 7. Added Aleisterian Addendum

2007, December 24. Added Aleisterianism

2007, November 9. Added A Comment on the Comment

2007, November 6. Finished moving Eidolons to a new server, upgrading the wiki, and redesigning the interface.

2007, October 12.

Added Liber Legis and the !Kung
Added Thelema is not a political ideology
Added Thelema is larger than Crowley

2007, April 16. Added A Guide to the Office of Deacon, a practical guide to serving as Deacon in Liber XV (a more robust replacement of the older “Deacon Notes”).

2007, April 1.

  • Added Introduction to the Gnostic Mass, a brief introduction for those unfamiliar with our central rite.
  • Added Missal for the Gnostic Mass, a PDF (1.9Mb) version of a generic missal for the Mass, giving the Creed, Anthem, instructions for Communication, and a visual guide to the various Steps and Signs.

2007, March 31. Yet another design for the site.

2007, March 10. Added Getting to Fifth, an outline of competencies useful for getting advanced to the Fifth Degree, OTO.

2007, Feb. 25.

  • Added Making It Happen, a short set of common sense suggestions for promotion of the three core functions of OTO.
  • Added One System Among Many, an exploration of Crowley's admission that the A∴A∴ is not the only valid system for Thelemic attainment.

2007, Feb. 10. Alas, I have needed to take down The Book of Thoth. There are some good legal reasons to do so, although I regret the necessity. For those interested in the tarot, the book is an indispensable resource, so I encourage you to grab a copy.

2006, Dec. 23. Sorry I've not updated in a couple of months. I've been busy with school. However, here are three new essays.

2006, Oct 21. Added The Principles of Fraternity, a short explication of the the underlying principles that guide our fraternal behavior within OTO.

2006, Oct 21. Added A Guide to the Study of Thelema, my own piece that tries to offer a structure to study the often overwhelming topic of Thelema.

2006, Oct 14.

2006, Oct 11. Added Crowley's The Heart of the Master.

2006, Oct 10. Added The Holy Books Preface by Hymenaeus Alpha, the Preface written by Maj. Grady Louis McMurtry X○ for the 1983 edition of “ΘΕΛΗΜΑ: The Holy Books of Thelema.”

2006, Oct 9. Added Crowley's The Paris Working.

2006, Oct 8. Added a page for all The Holy Books.

2006, Oct 4. Added Crowley's Gematria, a comprehenisve treatise on the Qabalah. Originally published in The Equinox, Vol. I, No 5 (1911) within Part V of “The Temple of Solomon the King.” It was reprinted as “Gematria” in 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley (1973). It includes the essays “Qabalistic Dogma” and “An Essay Upon Number.”

2006, Oct 2. Added Crowley's A Brief Essay Upon the Nature and Significance of the Magical Alphabet, from 777

2006, Sept 17. Added Introduction to Book 220, written by Crowley as an introduction to his Commentary on Liber Legis.

2006, Sept 16. Added The Djeridensis Working, Crowley's 1923 Commentary on Liber Legis.

2006, Sept 10. Added a shorter PDF Review version of the Liber XV Priest Guide. This is intended for priests who are already somewhat familiar with the text and can use a quick refresh.

2006, Sept 05. Added the following Crowley documents:

2006, Sept 03.

2006, Aug 30. Added a PDF version of the Guide to Learning the Office of Priest. You can download it here...

2006, Aug 28. Added my own Guide to Learning the Office of Priest within Liber XV, the Gnostic Mass.

2006, Aug 26.

2006, Aug 24. Added The Book of Thoth (finally!). This does not yet include the images of the cards or Appendix B, which is very complicated and will take some time to get up.

2006, Aug 23.

2006, Aug 22. Added Crowley's The Great Invocation

2006, Aug 21. Added The Initiated Interpretation of Ceremonial Magic, Crowley's introduction to The Goetia.

2006, Aug 20.

2006, Aug 19.

Moved the site to a new server. This has resulted in new url's for all the articles. Please update your bookmarks.

2006, Aug 18. Added A Memorandum Regarding The Book of the Law by Crowley, printed in The Revival of Magick

2006, Aug 17.

2006, Aug 16. Added Thelemic Texts…I'm tired of linking off-site.

2006, Aug 15.

2006, Aug 13. Added my own digital copy of The Book of the Law.

2006, Aug 12.

2006, Aug 10. Added Structure of Core OTO Aspects, which addresses the nature of OTO in terms of its goals and structures. Not yet finished.

2006, Aug 9. Updated Links page.

2006, Aug 2. Complete visual and structural overhaul of the site.

2006, July 31. Added Thelema 101.

2006, July 18. Added Audio Texts. Simply, Thelemic texts read by me. In MP3 format.

2006, July 9. Added The Four Functions of a Local Body, discussing what OTO camps, oases, and lodges fundamentally do.

2006, July 7.

2006, June 9.