The Book of Ash

1. There is a Universal Will, which can be conceptualized as the fundamental drive to manifest Existence from moment to moment within the scope of Natural Laws.

2. The universe is comprised of seemingly discrete objects, each of which plays its part in the manifestation of the Universal Will within the scope of its own Nature.

3. Similarly, every human also contains a discrete Will which is the expression of his or her own deepest Nature, and is also One with the Universal Will.

4. Humans contain a pre-frontal cortex which allows for conscious self-awareness and abstract thought. The common price of this neurological structure is a disconnect between normal states of consciousness and the moment to moment Will-to-Be that is intimately unified with the Universal Will.

5. Any act intended to align the Conscious Self with the Universal Will by increasing awareness of and/or expressing one's own Will is, by definition, a Thelemic Act.

6. Any person who adopts as a life-goal the discovery and expression of their Will as defined above is, by definition, a Thelemite.

1. Every person has the inalienable right to become aware of and manifest his or her own Will.

2. Every person has the inalienable right to be free from conditions that unduly restrict the discovery and expression of Will.

1. To discover and express one's own Will.

2. To abstain from knowingly restricting others from discovering and expressing their own Will.

3. To attempt to eliminate those forces that restrict the discovery and expression of Will (i.e. Tyranny, Superstition, and Oppression).

1. The foundation of crime is to restrict another from discovering and/or expressing Will.

2. The foundation of goodness is to assist others in their attempts to discover and express Will.

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