Giza, Egypt, 9 April 2004 e.v.

New and Forthcoming At This Site

Vigorous Food & Divine Madness is a continuing accumulation and dissemination of Thelemic ecclesiastical and magical materials by T Polyphilus. This is the site formerly known as “The Exposed Adytum,” by the Thelemite formerly known as Dionysos Thriambos. Prior to that, it was “The Deacon from Hell” by Dionysus Soter.

Crowleymas, Anno Legis IV xvii (12 October 2009 e.v.)

Feast of Sir Paschal Beverly Randolph, Anno Legis IV xvii (29 July 2009 e.v.)

Feast of Saint Jacobus Burgundus Molensis the Martyr, Anno Legis IV xvi (18 March 2009 e.v.)

Winter Solstice, Anno Legis IV xvi (21 December 2008 e.v.)

Feast of Saint Theodor Reuss, Anno Legis IV xvi (28 October 2008 e.v.)

Summer Solstice, Anno Legis IV xvi (20 June 2008 e.v.)

Feast of Saint Elias Ashmole, Anno Legis IV xvi (18 May 2008 e.v.)
New files, never before published:

Some previously-blogged discourses, originally delivered at Thelemic Symposium VII of Sekhet-Maat Lodge:

Also, revised my liturgical calendar to add feasts for a variety of heroic individuals not yet recognized through the Orders of the Lion and Eagle nor EGC canonization.

Feast for the Supreme Ritual and the Equinox of the Gods, Anno Legis IV xvi (20 March 2008 e.v.)
I have launched the new department HYMNS OF THE GNOSIS. It includes musical scores and audio files for Thelemic liturgical music as well as a brief history of the Unknown Rivers choir. Additions and revisions to other departments include:

Happy new year!

Third Day of the Feast of the Writing of the Book of the Law, Anno Legis IV xv (11 April 2007 e.v.)
The new department SACRAMENTAL THEORY AND PRACTICE is complete. This department includes my latest theory and taxonomy of Thelemic sacraments, along with new and revised rituals that I have written, and links to official and significant rituals written by others. Documents previously unpublished on this site include:

There has been some cleanup and minor editing in the existing departments as well.

Feast of Saint Sir Richard Francis Burton, Anno Legis IV xiv (20 October 2006 e.v.)
I have assembled the new department SERMONS, EXPATIATIONS AND DISCOURSES.

Feast of Saint Robertus de Fluctibus, Anno Legis IV xiv (8 September 2006 e.v.)
Some text has been added to the main page, and I have assembled the department TRADITIONS ANTECEDENT TO NEW AEON GNOSTICISM.

Feast of the Beast and His Bride, Anno Legis IV xiv (12 August 2006 e.v.)
First update in precisely three years.

  • Ritual: Service Celebrating the Greater Feast of the Prophet
  • Further scores and lyrics in the Songs department.
  • A lengthy comparative treatment of Thelema and Islam.

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