Portrait of the Bishop as a Young Novice, by Aisha Qadisha

T Polyphilus

Bishop of Adocentyn

Ecclesiastical Resume

LAY MEMBERSHIP: I was baptised into Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica by Merlinus Ambrosius at Aleister Crowley Oasis of East Chicago, Indiana on the Vernal Equinox of 1993 e.v. I took the name Dionysus, an eponym derived from the Saint, the Greek god, and my great grandfather. My membership in the Church was confirmed by Frater Sharash at Scarlet Woman Camp later that same year. I then added Soter to my name. Soter is Greek for “savior” and was traditionally one of the many epithets of Dionysos, though it was later coöpted for Jesus by the Christians.

DIACONAL ORDERS: I was ordained a Deacon of the Church on Easter of 1995 e.v. at Apotheosis Camp in Channelview, Texas. The ordaining clergy were Magdalena Morgaine and Adam Kadmon. In my capacity as a Deacon, I organized a temple steward pool for Circle of Stars Sanctuary, wrote an instructional text Advice for Deacons, and served as Deacon in dozens of Gnostic Masses.

NOVITIATE: I underwent a four-year novitiate for the Priesthood, during which I celebrated more than 40 Masses as a novice Priest, working under the guidance of Bishop T Apiryon, with direction from the Priesthood in the persons of N.V. Continuity P. and Sharash. During this period, I also held a minor post in the international secretariat of the Church, reporting directly to the Universal Patriarch.

SACERDOTAL ORDERS: I was ordained to the Priesthood on 31 August 1997 e.v. by Bishop T Allen Greenfield. Upon receiving sacerdotal orders, I took the new name Dionysos Thriambos. At this time I was also active as the choregus of the Unknown Rivers choir, assembled for the purpose of Thelemic sacred song. During 2001-2003 e.v. I served as the President of the Sacerdotal Council of Circle of Stars Sanctuary in Austin, Texas. In addition to the Gnostic Mass, my work as clergy in E.G.C. has included the performance of baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and diaconal ordinations.

EPISCOPAL CONSECRATION: I was consecrated a Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica on 22 July 2006 e.v., taking the name T Polyphilus. I train novices for service in the diaconate and the priesthood, and I supervise clergy in the diaconal and sacerdotal orders as well as the novitiate. I continue to be active as a ritualist, administering the full range of the church's sacraments, and constantly at work on the development of new ceremonies.

ACADEMIC: I have received graduate degrees in religious studies from universities in Europe and the United States. I have presented papers on esoteric religion at national and international conferences.

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