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The god-form of Harpocrates is not just a finger to mouth pose while imagining oneself in a robe and Egyptian headdress. Most importantly, it involves imagining oneself as a child. When I do this, preferably after an incantation that has generated a modest trance state, I cast my mind back to how I perceived my body when I was about seven or eight years old. I don't know if other people share this perspective, but I remember that as a child, I found my own corporeality to be a somewhat fascinating enigma, and actually sort of alien. So I first step back into my own child-body, and then I dress that in the appropriate Egyptian raiment, hairstyle and complexion. As a result, a good HPK god-form leaves me feeling slightly dissociated from a transformed subtle body, with which I identify strongly on the basis of history and memory.

One question of technique is how long to hold the god-form. As a “silent” god-form, it should include the quieting of thought and activity, which makes it nearly impossible to “clock.” If I am pestered by stray thoughts in this mode, I burn them up in the flame of my aspiration with the word IAIDA. (See LIL, the first aethyr of Liber 418.) The experience is really a luxury, so I imagine that I hold it for at least a minute–surprisingly long in subjective time–but longer is nice.

From there, I have two options. In some cases, such as Liber CC, the HPK god-form leads into another one (say, Kephra at midnight). I find that this “transitional” use of the form of HPK makes the subsequent form especially vivid, as though I had recovered a certain imaginative power or “astral plasticity” that I had as a child. On the other hand, sometimes the HPK god-form stands alone, or is the conclusion of a set of practices. In that case, I have the exciting sensation of being a child and suddenly acquiring the gift of a fully-developed adult body, with all of its phyical powers, leaving me “with mirth / … and with thanksgiving, / To do my pleasure on the earth / Among the legions of the living.”

The following is a “sealing ritual” which expands the basic psychic gestures involved in the god-form of Hoor-pa-kraat into a full ceremony. A more elaborate version for five officers was given its first exhibition performance at the Scarlet Woman Camp business meeting of 19 November 1994 e.v. The ritualists were Fr. Pnesomauma, Fr. Sharash, Sr. Continuity, Fr. Wissen bei Kennen, and Fr. AM.

The Harpocratic Octahedron

(LDP 34-9)

PART I. The Elevenfold Seal

Phrase A. The Vertical Component of the Enchantment: Face Boleskine and clap the battery 1-333-333-333-1. Define the column in the center gesturing with the right thumb between index and medius, circle over head with “Nuit!” at genitals with “Hadit!” and at heart with “Ra-hoor-khuit!”

Phrase B. The Horizontal Component of the Enchantment: Cross between ajna and vishuddha with “Aiwass!” Then cross between anahata and manipura with “Therion!” Then cross between svadhisthana and muladhara with “Babalon!”

Phrase C. The Asseveration of the Spells: Concentrate energy at feet with “LAShTAL!” Then concentrate energy at groin with “ThELEMA!” Then concentrate energy at the solar plexus with “VIAOV!” Then concentrate energy at the throat with “AGAPE!” Finally concentrate energy at the crown with “AUMGN!”

Phrase D. The Proclamation of the Accomplishment: Clap the battery 333-55555-333. “Abrahadabra!”

PART II. The Octahedron

Face southeast. Visualize a golden cross in the heart. Bring pneuma up from the feet, bounce it off the crown and down to the heart, where it blooms on the cross as a red rose. Fling the rose and cross forward in the sign of the enterer, vibrating “Hoor-pa-kraat,” and complete with the sign of silence. Draw a line with the index finger from the southeast to the southwest, vibrating “SIGES” (SEE-gayce).

Face southwest and throw a rose and cross in the sign of the enterer as before, vibrating “Hoor-pa-kraat,” and finishing with the sign of silence. Draw a line from the southwest to the northwest, vibrating “SIGES.”

Complete the cross-quarters, proceeding deosil around the circle, finally drawing the line from northeast to southeast with the word as before.

Stand in the center facing east, make the rose bloom upon the cross as before, and then fling it upwards, making the sign of Typhon, vibrating Hoor-pa-kraat. Make the sign of silence.

Face southeast. Begin a lightning-flash by holding his index finger overhead and then drawing a line down to the southeast, vibrating “SIGES.” Continue the lightning-flash by drawing the line diametrically from the southeast to the northwest, in silence. Complete the lightning-flash by drawing the line from the northwest to the ground at the center, with the word “SIGES.”

Face southwest. Begin a lightning-flash by holding the index finger overhead and then drawing a line of pneuma down to the southwest,vibrating “SIGES.” Continue the lightning-flash by drawing the line diametrically from the southwest to the northeast, in silence. Complete the lightning-flash by drawing the linefrom the northwest down to the ground at the center.

Complete the remaining two lightning-flashes, moving deosil about the circle.

Face east in the center, and make the rose bloom upon the cross, then letting the whole drift down through the feet to where the flashes converge. Touch the earth there, and bring a column of pneuma up to the overhead rose and cross, vibrating “Heru-ra-ha.”

Make the sign of mater triumphans and visualize the completed octahedron, vibrating “NEPIOS” (NAY-pee-ohss).

Face west, make the sign puer and incant (from Little Essays Toward Truth):

I praise the luxuriant Rapture of Innocence, the virile and pantomorphous Ecstasy of all-Fulfilment; I praise the Crowned and Conquering Child whose name is Force and Fire, whose subtlety and strength make sure serenity, whose Energy and Endurance accomplish the Attainment of the Virgin of the Absolute; who, being manifested, is the Player on the sevenfold pipe, the Great God Pan, and, being withdrawn into the Perfection that he willed, is Silence.

PART III. The Elevenfold Seal

Repeat Part I.

The ritual is concluded.

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