T Polyphilus, Ep. Gn.

These ceremonies are intended to celebrate a boy's puberty and a girl’s menarche. I have prepared full ritual texts for use by E.G.C. members, but they will not be published, because portions are confidential, i.e. they are performed in secret with the youth or maiden concerned. Interested clergy or parents may write to me directly for more details on the ceremonies.

As these are not cardinal sacraments, there is no requirement that the ritual officers be under orders or even serving as novices. However, my rubrics do indicate certain roles as Deacon, Priest and Priestess, in order to stress that these officers would be members of the local community who are recognized as responsible leaders. While the Deacon (or Deacon substitute) may be of any gender, the Priest (or Priest substitute) must self-identify as a man, and the Priestess (or Priestess substitute) must self-identify as a woman. The Feast for Fire involves a Priest, and the Feast for Water calls for a Priestess.

Prior to the Feast, the child who is to be honored must prepare two or three pieces, as demonstrations of competence to the community. The first piece is a demonstration of intellectual proficiency, and it will consist of the recitation of text, chosen in consultation with parents or guardian, followed by a talk interpreting the text and explaining its significance. The recitation must be from memory, but the talk may employ notes. The other piece(s) will demonstrate aesthetic and/or athletic proficiency, and they may consist of musical recital (instrumental or vocal), dance, dramatic monologue, gymnastics routine, martial arts demonstration, or other activities in this broad orbit. Each piece should be at least eleven minutes in length. Ideally, the child will spend several months in preparing these pieces.

The Feast begins with the child's demonstrations, and concludes with a banquet. The private ceremonies take place between these two community events. Ritual texts for these two phases are given below.


Adult members of the community irrespective of gender are gathered in a convenient place where they may be seated to observe the Examination of the parents (or guardian) and the child. There is a small altar or podium at which a speaker may stand.
The Deacon is at the altar in a plain white robe, and the child and parents are seated nearby.

DEACON: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. I proclaim the Law of Light, Life, Love and Liberty, in the name of BABALON.

ALL: Love is the law, love under will.

DEACON: We are gathered here today to celebrate a Feast for Fire/Water in honor of Nn., who this day leaves childhood in a journey towards manhood/womanhood. Is it your will to witness his/her departure?

ALL: It is.

DEACON (recites from Kingsford’s Book of the Mysteries of God):

(Feast for Fire)

Be thou master of the fire, and command it; let not the cloven tongue of the serpent beguile thee; neither barter thy liberty for the fruit of enchantment. For the fire shall be quenched by the water, and the water shall be resolved into spirit. But if the fire consume thy soul, it shall be scattered abroad as ashes, and return to the dust of the earth. For it is fire that tries every man's work, and purifies the substance of all souls. By fire is the initiate baptized, by fire the oblation is salted; and the flame shall devour the dross of the crucible. That which endureth unto the end, the same shall be saved.

(Feast for Water)

All things are of the sea-salt, for without salt matter is not, whether of the outer or of the inner, whether of the small or of the great. Behold the manifold waves of the sea, which rise and sink, which break and are lost, and follow each other continually; even as these are the transmutations of the soul. For the soul is one substance, as is the water of the deep, whose waves thou canst not number, neither tell their shapes, for the form of them passeth away; even as these are the incarnations of the soul. And the secret of Thetis is the mystery of the Metamorphosis. Out of the sea the horse ariseth; strength and intelligence are begotten of the deep. She is the mother of Avatârs, and her cup is the chalice of bitterness: whoso drinketh thereof shall taste of power and knowledge, and of tears of salt.

DEACON turns to the PARENTS, who rise.

DEACON: [Names of PARENTS], do you recognize that Nn.has stepped onto the path away from childhood?


DEACON yields altar to PARENTS, who introduce child as they will, and then retire to their seats.

Child makes recitals.

General applause. All rise.

The DEACON advances to the altar and blesses the child:

DEACON recites blessing:

(Feast for Fire)

Our Lord whose flames burn within all living things, Holy Father CHAOS, inspire this youth with your energy and endurance, that he may attain to power and knowledge.
(Feast for Water)

Our Lady who sittest upon many waters, Holy Mother BABALON, pour out upon this worthy maiden your strength and your delicacies, that she may attain to power and knowledge.

ALL: So mote it be.

Parents congratulate the child; after which all begin to circulate and socialize.

Two private ceremonies follow.


A great banquet is held, with the youth or maiden in the place of honor. The Priest or Priestess leads “Will over meat” as follows:

PRIEST(ESS): Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

ALL (led by DEACON): What is thy will?

PRIEST(ESS): To eat and drink.

ALL: To what end?

PRIEST(ESS): That we may fortify our bodies thereby.

ALL: To what end?

PRIEST(ESS): That we may celebrate this Feast for Fire/Water in honor of Nn.

ALL: To what end?

PRIEST(ESS): That we may live to see him/her accomplish his/her True Will, his/her Great Work, his/her Summum Bonum, True Wisdom, and Perfect Happiness.

ALL: Love is the law, love under will.

In this section of the ceremonies, and this section only, children who have not yet reached their own adolescence may attend.
The youth or maiden receives gifts and adulation.

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